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Xfinity Router Blinking Green – How To Fix

To help with a project, I went online one morning and looked for some articles to read. In contrast, there was no Internet at the time.

The network problem persisted even when I moved to my tablet, which led me to believe that it was an issue with my laptop at first.

At long last, I thought to look at my xFi Gateway, which was oddly glowing green.

I read the xFi manual and tried out a number of the examples, but nothing worked for me. As a result, I had no choice but to contact Xfinity in order to resolve the problem.

There were times when my Wi-Fi worked, but I couldn’t go online.

Xfinity customers often report their xFi Gateway flashing. It’s difficult to deal with this problem since there are so many possible reasons and answers.

If the green light on your xFi modem-router is flickering, your Internet connection is experiencing issues. It is possible to fix this issue by removing and re-connecting your gadgets, checking for loose cable connections or power outages, etc.

What Does the Blinking Green Light Mean?

Xfinity Router Blinking Green - How To Fix

A slew of LEDs decorate the xFi Gateway. These LEDs light up in various colours based on the Gateway’s current condition.

XFi Gateway Blinking Green: How To Troubleshoot

  • Your xFi Gateway is working if you see a steady white light.
  • Your Gateway has no internet connection if the red light is always on.
  • Your xFi Gateway is connecting to another wireless device by emitting a blinking blue light.
  • The unreliable internet connection has a blinking green indicator. Server-side failures are also a possibility.

Check for any loose cables or connections

During installation, all of the xFi Gateway’s wires will be securely attached.

However, as time passes, external pressures and other factors might cause these wires to come undone.

This is why it is important to check all of the cords for loose wires when the lights start flashing green.

Additionally, the wires might be damaged by rats or other animals, resulting in a loss of Internet connectivity.

Make sure all of the cables are secure and functional before continuing.

Power cycle the Gateway

Device malfunctions need a simple restart as the initial step.

Since a factory reset would remove all of your stored data, settings, etc., restarting your device is a better option than doing a factory reset.

Restarting your computer is possible in two ways: a “soft” or “hard” reboot (power cycle).

When you do a soft reset, you don’t have to disconnect the power to your device. After that, you may use the Xfinity website to reset your xFi Gateway.

Log in to using your Xfinity credentials to access your Xfinity account. Then choose Troubleshooting >Restart from the Troubleshooting menu. It’s just that simple!

Alternatively, you may use your Xfinity login information to access

Go to Manage Internet > Restart Modem > Start Troubleshooting, then restart your modem. Allow the Gateway to restart for a few minutes.

The Xfinity app provides smartphone users with the ability to reset their xFi Gateway.

Using your Xfinity credentials, go into the app and choose Connection Problems > Restart Gateway from the menu.

It is possible to restore your system to its default settings by doing the procedures listed above. The xFi Gateway may need to be restarted if none of the other options work.

Remove the power cable from the back of the Gateway for around 20-25 seconds to do a power cycle (or hard reset). Plug in the power cable, then press the power button to restart the device.

Disconnect and reconnect to the Wi-Fi with your devices

In a no-internet circumstance, unplugging your device from the xFi and re-connecting it is another simple workaround that anybody would use.

Unplug all of the gadgets if there are any attached. When the Wi-Fi isn’t constantly disconnecting, there isn’t a need to worry about not being able to go back online.

There are a few more options if that doesn’t help fix the flickering problem.

Make a direct connection

Try connecting your devices directly to the xFi Gateway using Ethernet cables to see whether the internet connection is still intact.

If so, we may conclude that the splitter is to blame.

Disconnect other devices

To determine whether the flickering green light is caused by another device, try unplugging everything else.

Even if the odds of this working are very tiny, it’s still worth a shot anyway.

Check if it is a Network or power outage on the provider side

Xfinity may be responsible for power disruptions due to weather conditions or other issues.

In the event that Xfinity customers lose network access, we apologise.

When your xFi Gateway is flashing green, you should keep an eye on the outage map.

The outage map may be accessed by following the methods outlined below:

  • Make sure you are signed in to My Account at
  • To see the outage map, go to Services > Status Center. The outage map displays the current network status in your immediate vicinity.
  • A network outage has occurred if a specific location shows no network.

The next step is to contact Xfinity and let them know about the problem. They’ll take the necessary steps to fix the problem.

You have no choice except to wait till the outage is resolved.

Try a factory reset

In the end, there is no substitute for a factory reset. This is due to the fact that a factory reset will erase all of your stored data and all of your personalised settings.

The xFi Gateway’s reset button is hidden behind a tiny hole on the back of the device.

Only a sharp item, such as a paperclip or toothpick, may be used to push it.

So, while the Gateway is still powered on, press and hold the reset button. Wait for the Gateway to switch off and then back on again. Only a few seconds are needed for the complete operation.

Contact Xfinity support

Xfinity customer service is always available if everything else fails. Your problems will be solved by their specialists.

They will also send a technician if their remedies are ineffective.

Video Guide

Final Thoughts

Additionally, a faulty xFi Gateway might be the source of the flashing. Replacing it would be the only option.

Your xFi may have a restriction on the number of devices it may connect at one time, and this limit may be exceeded on occasion.

There may be network issues as a result of this. As a last resort, you might try disabling various devices and see if it helps.

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