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Will A PS5 Controller Also Work On PS4?

Will A PS5 Controller Also Work On PS4?

Gamers who want to get the most out of their Dual Sense controller may use this guide to find out precisely how compatible it is with the PlayStation 4 system.
The Dual Sense Controller for the PlayStation 5 is a popular controller, at least among those who have been able to obtain a copy of the device thus far. While PS5 Console Shortages are expected to continue for some time, the quality of the controller is not diminished as a result. While reports of joysticks drifting are becoming more and more regular, the general positive reception for the Dual Sense outweighs the negative feedback. In the absence of a physical PlayStation 5 console, some gamers have elected to acquire the Dual Sense controller instead, allowing them to utilize it for PC gaming. This begs the question of whether a PlayStation 5 controller will operate on a PlayStation 4.


Can You Use a PS5 Controller on PS4?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to utilize a Dual Sense PS5 controller on a PlayStation 4. Several individuals have investigated this and discovered that, while a Dual Sense controller will charge when plugged into a PS4, the device will not be recognized by the system.

If you try to connect a DualSense to a PS4 while it’s connected through cable connection, nothing happens. If you try to connect via Bluetooth pairing, the DualSense will not operate with the console.

There is only one method to make it work, and that is through the use of Remote Play. Connect your Dual Sense controller to your PC and launch Remote Play with your PlayStation 4, and you’ll be able to control your PlayStation 4 using the PS5 controller. It’s a little complex, but it does the job.

It’s worth mentioning that additional features such as adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and the built-in microphone array would be incompatible with PS4 titles regardless of whether they were enabled or disabled. Because PS4 games are not designed for Dual Sense, you will not be able to take use of any of the benefits that the Dual Sense provides. As a result, you should stick with your conventional DualShock 4.

PS5 Controllers Don’t Work on the PlayStation 4

Will A PS5 Controller Also Work On PS4?

While you may use a DualShock 4 controller on a PlayStation 5 to play PlayStation 4 games, you cannot use a PlayStation 5 controller on a PlayStation 4. (It is possible to pair a Dual Sense controller with a PS4 via Bluetooth, but Sony has disabled the PS5 controller’s ability to detect inputs.)

“The DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PlayStation 4 system,” according to Sony’s Ultimate PlayStation 5 FAQ. “The DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PlayStation 4 console.

With additional capabilities that are only available in PS5 titles, Sony created the PlayStation 5 controller to serve as a showcase for the PlayStation 5 console. As a result, it makes logical that Sony is moving on from the PlayStation 4 era by requiring gamers to use Dual Sense with the PlayStation 5.

The Workaround: Remote Play

There is an exemption that allows you to use a PlayStation 5 controller to play games on a PlayStation 4. You will, however, have to make use of Remote Play, which is a method of streaming games from your PS4 to another device.

In order to play games on your PS4 system, you must link your console to a device that has a Dual Sense controller attached (either through USB or wirelessly), such as a PS5, a Windows PC, an iPhone or an iPad, an Android phone, or an Apple TV. Best of luck in your gaming endeavors!


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