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Where is the microphone located on iPhone 11

There are a total of three microphones on the iPhone 11. One can be found at the back of the room, one at the front, and one at the bottom of the room. Each of these performs a certain purpose in the system.

Where is the microphone on the iPhone 11?’ you might wonder. After purchasing hers, a buddy recently inquired about mine. In this essay, I will attempt to address all of your questions regarding the subject matter.

How Many Microphones Does the iPhone 11 Have?

The Apple iPhone 11, which was released in September of this year, is available in three different configurations: the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. All three variants are equipped with three microphones, which are all placed in the same three places.

Because they’re scarcely visible at first glance, it’s easy to mistake these microphones for speaker grills or vice versa. Each microphone on the iPhone 11 is situated in a distinct area and performs a separate function.

1. Front Microphone

Where is the microphone located on iphone 11

The front microphone is located next to the proximity sensor, right next to the selfie camera on the front of the device. It appears to be a fusion of the ear speaker and the microphone. Giving Siri voice commands is accomplished using the microphone. Because the camera is so small, many iPhone users mistakenly believe they are looking at a camera.

2. Bottom Microphone

For calls, the second microphone is located at the bottom left grill, close to the lightning connector, and can be found at the bottom right grill. During phone calls, the ear speaker is responsible for transmitting sound. The built-in microphone is located on the left grill, and the external stereo speaker is located on the right side grill.

3. Rear Microphone

The third and final microphone is located on the back of the phone, next to the dual or triple cameras, and is accessible through small holes. It picks up sounds whether you’re taking photos, filming videos, playing music, or doing other multimedia activities. It makes certain that the audio recording quality is excellent.


How Many Microphones Does the iPhone 11 Have?

The iPhone 11 includes three microphones, which are placed at the back, the front, and the bottom of the device. All of them have a variety of applications. Using the one in the front, you may send Siri orders to your phone. The second microphone is located at the back of the device and is used for music playback, video recording, and photo taking, while the bottom microphone is utilised for phone calls.

How Do I Turn My Microphone on My iPhone 11?

To enable the microphone on your iPhone 11, simply follow these steps:
Go to the Settings menu.
Select Privacy from the drop-down menu.
Select Microphone from the drop-down menu.
Turn on the microphone access switch for the apps that you want to have access to your microphone. The white switch indicates that the microphone is deactivated, while the green switch indicates that it is enabled.

How Do I Clean the Microphone on My iPhone 11?

It is possible that failing to clean your iPhone 11 microphone can result in problems.
Follow these procedures to thoroughly clean the microphone on your iPhone 11.
Turn off your electronic device. Unplug any wires that are connected, as well as your case if you have one. Also, remove the screen protector if you have one. It is important to note that you cannot use the same screen protector again.
Locate the speakers and microphones on the stage.
Remove them with a soft-bristled toothbrush that has been cleaned and dried.
Remove any tenacious filth with a masking tape if necessary. A toothpick can also be useful in this situation. Make sure you’re kind and don’t use excessive force.
Cleaning your iPhone 11 with a disinfectant wipe or 70% Isopropyl alcohol will help to keep it in good working order. Before applying to your iPhone 11, ring the phone.
Allow it to air dry.

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