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When Does Battlefield One Beta End

Electronic Arts, a producer of video games, has formally announced that the open beta for its first-person shooter game set during World War I, Battlefield 1, will come to a conclusion this coming Thursday.

Fans who have not yet participated in the open beta for Battlefield 1 have been reassured by Electronic Arts that they still have a lot of time to join in on the action. This news comes to players who have not yet downloaded the game. Fans of the series will have approximately three more days after today to try out Battlefield 1 before the game is released in its final form the following month. As a matter of fact, the test for the publisher’s World War I-themed shooter is officially set to end this Thursday, on September 8. This gives fans of the franchise approximately three more days after today to try out the game.

Although Electronic Arts did announce the real end date of the Battlefield 1 beta, as shown in the tweet that can be seen below, the publisher did not indicate a precise time throughout Thursday in which fans could anticipate the test to go down for good. In light of the fact that this is the situation, the developers will ideally announce an exact hour at some point before the conclusion of this week. This will enable players to have a better opportunity to log as much play time as is humanly feasible.


In addition to the news that the beta for Battlefield 1 was coming to an end, the publisher Electronic Arts revealed a change that will be made to the length of the matches in the Conquest Mode of the game. Conquest Mode is a multiplayer arena that features 64-player action to capture and defend control points. The round timer for the aforementioned mode has been removed as part of an update that was published for the beta earlier today. This update brought about the modification.

Despite the fact that Battlefield 1’s Conquest Mode has been updated, Electronic Arts did not specify whether or not the open beta’s other mode, Rush, would also get any modifications in the near future. Fans are being urged to rack up as many points as they can in the Conquest game before Thursday, when they will no longer be able to do so. Thursday is the day when the game will end.


After starting on August 30 for Battlefield Insiders and launching for the rest of the general public the very next day, Battlefield 1’s beta went on to have its servers hit with a DDoS attack, which temporarily made it difficult to log into the online multiplayer test due to connectivity issues. This took place after the beta began on August 30 for Battlefield Insiders and launched for the rest of the general public the very next day. However, DICE and Electronic Arts have been working tirelessly to solve the situation in order to allow the greatest number of gamers to return to the fray as quickly as they possibly can.

Fans of Battlefield 1 can look forward to the full contents of the game’s release, which should include a significant increase in the number of environments, modes, vehicles, and weapons. Despite the fact that the open beta for Battlefield 1 will be ending soon, this means that fans of the title will then be able to look forward to it. As a matter of fact, people are able to obtain a decent picture of what is to come as a result of the leaking of numerous map names and photos uncovered when datamining the open beta. This is all thanks to the numerically titled Redditor “1033149,” who is responsible for the leakage.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to be available for purchase on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 21, 2016.

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