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What USB Type Does The PS5 Controller Use?

What USB Type Does The PS5 Controller Use?

When compared to the Dual Shock 4 controller, the Dual Sense PlayStation 5 controller represents a complete revolution, including the USB type utilized for charging. Sony appears to have modified practically everything about their new Dual Sense design, according to the latest reports.

When compared to the PS4 controller, which charges using a USB 2.0 Micro standard connection, the PS5 controller charges via a USB-C cable connection. Users can charge their PS5 devices by connecting them to the Type-C Superspeed USB (10 Gbps) port on the front of the console. A USB-C charging cable for the controller is included with the purchase of the PS5.

The PS5 will, on the other hand, have a variety of USB input channels available on both the front and back panels of the console:

  • 1x Type-C Superspeed USB (10 Gbps) and 1x Type-A Hi-Speed USB on the front.
  • 2x Type-A Superspeed USB ports on the back (10 Gbps)

Which USB Ports Do PS5 Controllers Use For Charging?

What USB Type Does The PS5 Controller Use?

Users can charge their PlayStation 5 DualSense controller by plugging it into the provided USB-C type charging cable, which should be plugged into the PlayStation 5 system on the other end (in the appropriate USB Type-C input channel on the front).

It has been confirmed by Sony that the PS5 Dual Sense controller is totally compatible with all of the USB ports on your PS5 system. Simply plug in the USB cable to the back of your PS5 console and then plug the other end into your controller to begin charging your PlayStation controller on the PS5. The progress of the charging will be indicated by an LED light.

It is also possible to utilize your (earlier) DualShock 4.0 wireless controllers to play PS4 games on your PS5, as all types of USB input channels are supported. PS3 games, on the other hand, are not backward compatible with the PlayStation 5, which means that PS3 controllers will not be able to recharge or connect with the PS5.

Does The PS5 Come With A USB C Cable?

As previously stated, it is not necessary to purchase a separate charging cable for the purposes of charging. The PlayStation 5 bundle includes a Dual Sense controller as well as a USB-C charging cord that is compatible with the PlayStation 5.

It is advised that you use the original PS5 (re)charging cable rather than any suitable third-party (re)charging cable because it is specifically designed for use with your new controller.

Keep in mind that controllers only require to be attached to the cord while the battery is being recharged. The DualSense controller itself is wireless, which makes it extremely convenient for gamers to utilise it anywhere in the house or on the go.

Can You Charge A PS5 Controller With A PS4 Cable?

It will not be possible to charge the new Dual Sense controller (which will be used only with PS5 consoles) with the older Micro USB cord that came with the PlayStation 4 console. For charging, the DualShock 4.0 controller (which is utilized with PS4 consoles) makes use of a different sort of USB input/output.

Fortunately, your new console purchase will include a brand-new USB-C type cable that is totally compatible with your Dual Sense controller for (re)charging it when it is first installed.

Remember to keep your previous charging wire because the PS4 controller is backward compatible with the PS5 and may be used to play older PS4 games on the PS5. When charging your DualShock 4.0 controller (for the PS4) on the PS5, you may still utilize the old Micro USB cable.

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