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What Is the Data Usage of Waze?

There may be times when you are so ingrained in the practise of using Waze as part of your daily routine that you will be unaware of the amount of data usage that the app is requiring. Because it is so engaging to use, it distracts you to the point where you forget to verify the data. You soon discover that there are no more MBs available in your bundle. It is essential that you have a solid understanding of how much data Waze consumes before you make any plans to start using the app.

If you drive for one hour every day, Waze will consume around 0.5MB of internet bandwidth each day, which is equivalent to 15MB per month. This number might be different depending on a variety of variables such travel distance, runtime, etc. Nevertheless, it is distinguishable from other applications of a like sort due to the exceptional qualities that it has.

Because of this, there is a great deal more information that you must acquire about the reason why it is gaining so much popularity. Keep reading down below to get more information about this application’s general layout.

Can You Use Waze Without Data?

Waze, as a whole, requires an active internet connection on mobile devices in order to provide accurate navigation of the routes. This application keeps the map as well as other facts, such as the current traffic situation, up to date while only using a few megabytes of storage space.

Therefore, it is essential that you keep firmly in mind that you will be unable to identify or travel any route for even a single second if you do not have access to the internet.

How Do I Make Waze Use Low Data?

In comparison to other navigation applications, Waze does not use a lot of data. However, there are two methods in which one may use the internet while saving MBs:

  • The programme must be properly closed in order to prevent it from continuing to run in the background.
  • Putting navigation into standby mode while it’s not being used.

If you run into any issues when attempting to close the Waze application, just open the drop-down menu and choose the Stop option from there. Reading up on how to exit Waze will provide you with more and more extensive information.

How Much Does Waze Cost?

Waze, much like many other navigation applications, does not charge users at any point in the process. More than one hundred million people who use iPhones or Android devices have already downloaded it for free.

Waze is a community-based navigation app that assists users in avoiding traffic and determining the most efficient route to their destination by using information provided by other Waze users.

Why Does Waze Use So Much Data?

Waze collects data from its users in order to assist others in locating expedient and trouble-free navigation routes. Because of this, the software may utilise more data than is typical on occasion. The moment users start moving about, data begins to be sent in an automated fashion.

In addition, it requires additional megabytes whenever the user reports items like accidents, speed traps, traffic congestion, and other such things.

Does Waze Use Cellular Data or Wi-Fi?

Waze, as a whole, is capable of operating on both cellular data and WiFi simultaneously. However, this navigation software is intended for drivers, and its purpose is to facilitate travel that is both secure and expedient for them. As a result, people enjoy making advantage of it by activating mobile data on their own devices.

As a result, you will also have the choice of using mobile data since another one may not be accessible while you are on the go. Having a Voice-Controlled Navigator, on the other hand, may make the time you spend behind the wheel more enjoyable.

How Much Cellular Data Does The Waze App Use?

On the other hand, you do not need to be concerned about the amount of MBs that you use while using Waze. When compared to other well-known navigation apps, it has a relatively low data consumption rate, which can come as a surprise to you.

Waze Data VS Other Apps

Compare the amount of data used by Waze to that of other applications.

What Is the Data Usage of Waze?
  • If you just use Waze for an hour each day, the total amount of data you will spend will be only 0.5 MB, which comes out to around 15 MB for the whole month assuming that your daily use span remains the same.
  • On the other hand, if you use the Waze app for at least five hours every day during the whole month, you will use roughly 75 MB of data.

If a person uses the Wi-Fi connection in their automobile while they are moving, then it is a given that they will use a negligible amount of data from their mobile data plan at that period. It’s possible that some customers have switched to mobile data in order to protect themselves against unforeseen outages.

Because of their requirements, some individuals utilise sixty megabytes of data for the whole of a single month. This indicates that they spend two and a half to four hours every day in their vehicle. As a result, it is abundantly evident that users are using data in accordance with the duration of the journey and the distance travelled.


It’s possible that you’ve realised by now that the Waze app won’t use a significant amount of your MB data. Unquestionably, it is an outstanding navigation tool that allows users to obtain the most recent information regarding the state of traffic at any given moment, as well as news of accidents and any other obstacles that may be in their path.

Users are able to establish their own distinct routes and enable social integration via the usage of the notifications that may be customised. Get it downloaded as soon as possible to bring a whole new level of ease and convenience to all of your future journeys.

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