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What is PoE Trade And How Does It Work?

Trading things with other players in Path of Exile is like playing a whole other game inside the game. You can earn a ridiculous amount of money if you know what kinds of treasure to seek for while you’re travelling, and you can sell away almost every item of loot you discover while you’re out there exploring the world. But what if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of Path of Exile’s trading system? Don’t worry about it. This tutorial goes through everything from the ground up.

If you’re new to the game, you should know that a significant part of what makes Path of Exile so enjoyable is the game’s intricate trading system. There is not a single currency like gold that you can use to buy stuff from NPC merchants or other players, as there is in games like Diablo 3 for example. Path of Exile’s economy is built on a number of different currencies, each of which may also be used as a resource in the game’s crafting system. If you sell loot to a vendor, that merchant will pay you in one of these currencies in addition to anything else they give you. Don’t get too worked up about it since in a short amount of time, you’ll begin to get the swing of things, despite the fact that they are rather difficult.

How Does The PoE Trade System Work?

Path of Exile is not like other online role-playing games since there is no infrastructure inside the game that allows players to trade. Because there is no auction house to search through, the only method to trade is to find a person and start the process in person. The interface is quite typical, and it consists of dragging objects from your inventory into the trade window. The trade won’t be completed unless both players give their consent to the transaction. The procedure is carried out in the following way:

  • Use PoE trade ( to obtain any item you wish.
  • To contact the seller privately, use the “whisper” symbol located to the right of their name.
  • This generates a string of text that you may copy and paste into the in-game chat box to ask another player to buy the item automatically for you.
  • If the person is currently connected to the game, they will usually react to your message and extend an invitation to their hideaway so that you may engage in some trading.
  • Check to ensure that you do really own the cash in your supply.
  • Carry out the transaction in their location of concealment.

How to trade in Path of Exile 

Path of Exile, in contrast to most online role-playing games (RPGs), does not provide any kind of infrastructure inside the game that would permit trade with other players. Because there is no auction house to browse, the only method to trade is to physically locate a person and personally begin a deal with them. Since there is no auction house to peruse, there is no other way to trade. The interface is very conventional, and both of you may trade things by dragging them from your respective inventories into the trade window. However, before the deal can be completed, it is necessary for both players to provide their consent.

To find out what other players have for sale, use Poe.tradeUsing this feature, which is embedded into the website for Path of Exile, you are able to browse through things that other players have indicated as being available for purchase.

The following is a concise explanation of how this procedure is carried out:

  • You may search for an item that you’re interested in on
  • To send the seller a discreet message, click the “whisper” button located next to their name.
  • This copies a string of text that you can then paste into the in-game chat box to automatically contact a player expressing that you wish to purchase the item they have for sale.
  • If the person in question is currently online, they will respond to your message and, in most cases, invite you to their hideaway to do business.
  • Make sure you have the necessary money in your possession at all times.
  • Proceed with the exchange in their secluded location.
What is PoE Trade And How Does It Work?

How to sell items in Path of Exile 

This is a little bit more difficult, and in addition to that, it will demand a little amount of money from you. You need to have a premium stash tab in order to post stuff for sale and have them appear on If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to do either. Your stash is a chest that can be found in every major hub as well as in your hideaway. This chest comes standardly equipped with merely four basic tabs (you may think of them as pages) in which you can keep goods.

  • They are rebrandable in that sense.
  • They are able to take on colours (for easy organization).
  • They have an option to be made to “public,” which allows websites like as to index the products that are kept there. This makes it possible for other players to purchase items from you when they appear in search results.

However, you shouldn’t be concerned since making a tab public does not imply that anybody may access it and remove your belongings.

You’ll discover a category for stash tabs in the in-game microtransaction store of Path of Exile. Within this category, you’ll find a variety of different tabs that may be used for a number of different things. Some of them include unique configurations for arranging your maps, crafting materials, and any other kinds of one-of-a-kind treasure that you could uncover. If you take your time playing Path of Exile, it is in your best interest to purchase a couple of these tabs.

  • Upgrade to a premium stash tab costs 15 points and transforms one of your existing standard stash tabs into a premium tab.
  • Currency stash tab (75 pence) – This adds a new tab to your wallet that has a customised design to accommodate the storage of various currencies. Having it available is of tremendous assistance.

You now have a new premium tab, which gives you the option to right-click it to change the colour of the tab and also to make it public. When it comes to selling things, you have two choices:

  • Make it so that every item on the premium tab has the same pricing while it’s for sale.
  • Make the prices for each item distinct from one another.

Since you only have one premium tab and the worth of loot might vary greatly, it is highly recommended that you price each of your things on an individual basis for the time being.

When you drop a piece of gear into this premium tab, you have the option to right-click it and adjust its price by selecting the number of a certain kind of crafting resource that you wish another player to pay for it. After then, other players will start contacting you as quickly as possible provided that the item’s pricing is reasonable and that it is an item that others truly desire.

What are the best items to sell in Path of Exile? 

I could give a whole presentation on the topic of which products are valuable enough to sell to other players and which ones are better off being sold to an NPC merchant. There is no straightforward solution to this question, as the worth of goods might undergo dramatic shifts throughout the course of a patch. You can, however, determine whether or not an object would be worth some money by following a few simple procedures.

Since everyone else who is seeking to sell that item is listed on, the first thing you should do is look for products that are comparable to yours and find out how much money others are willing to pay for them. This is especially effective when used with one-of-a-kind things (the ones with the brown names). It is essential to keep in mind, however, that even two identical Uniques might have vastly varying values depending on the arrangement and colour of the sockets on the item, in addition to the overall level of the item. If you find a Unique while you are level 13, for instance, it will have a much lower overall power than the identical Unique discovered by someone who is level 80.

Try expanding the scope of your search before giving up completely if it doesn’t yield up any results. Utilize the advanced search feature to limit results by the item’s base type and choose a larger range of item levels in order to see more things that are like but not identical to the one you are now viewing.

The video that was included above is a fantastic resource that was created by Engineering Eternity and explains what objects you should be searching for while you are playing. Although it won’t tell you how much you can receive for those goods (as prices are always changing), it will help you understand what stats to look for when purchasing new equipment.

How does Path of Exile’s currency work? 

As I was saying before, Path of Exile does not have a standard currency like gold that can be traded with other players. Instead of this, users will engage in trade utilising various crafting materials. These are referred to as orbs, and each one has a unique set of effects that may be used to change goods in order to increase or decrease their total worth. However, the Chaos Orb is the standard that is used in everyday transactions; you may think of it as the equal of a dollar. Once you reach the endgame of Path of Exile, you can expect that most transactions will require a certain amount of Chaos Orbs; therefore, you should always keep hold of them whenever you find one. Despite the fact that these are relatively uncommon, you can expect that most transactions will require a certain amount of Chaos Orbs.

This page provides a rundown of the main currencies, as well as the current exchange rate between those currencies and other crafting currencies. As an example, in the present time, in order to acquire a single Chaos Orb, you would want around 160 of the very common Alteration Orbs. The Mirror of Kalandra, which is the most valuable artefact in Path of Exile, can be purchased for a staggering 48,300 Chaos Orbs.

When considering what goods to sell, in my opinion, it is probably not worth your effort to sell anything unless you are very certain that you will get a Chaos Orb in exchange. There is no doubt that people sell stuff for far lower prices, and it is absolutely possible to amass a fortune in this manner; but, more casual players should focus their attention on exploring dungeons rather than attempting to play the market, unless of course that is your thing.

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