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Uberduck ai – How to Use Text to Speech and Uberduck ai Voice for Tiktok

In this piece, we are going to discuss the website known as Uberduck ai. This is one of the most well-known websites that can read your work in the voice of a famous person, a fictitious character, or a transformer. After that, you’ll be able to include these text-to-speech recordings into your Ticktock films, reels, or shorts on YouTube.

What is Uberduck ai

This may be done on the website known as, where you just enter your text and it will be converted into the voice of a well-known person or imaginary character. The foundation of it is an interactive audio chatbot based on WebRTC, which uses a Transformer model to create text replies and then converts those responses into audio.

The nicest thing about it is that it is a conversation agent that is both welcoming and open-ended. You may also contribute to by submitting your own synthetic voices by developing datasets and models. This can be done if you wish to participate.

How to use Uberduck ai

The use of is not very complicated. The uberduck ai voices may be generated by following these steps:

To begin the process of having your voice synthesised, you will first need to register on the uberduck ai website. On the webpage, scroll down to the bottom and click the button that says “signup to synthesise speech.” There are three different ways that you may sign up.

  • Make your own personal account on Uberduck by following the instructions in the picture and filling out the registration form.
  • Join using the account you already have with Discord.
  • Create an account with Google if you haven’t already.

In order to log in to, I will recommend that you establish a new registration account for yourself. Simply provide a username, your email address, and a strong password, and then click the registration button.

Uberduck ai – How to use text to speech and Uberduck ai voice for Tiktok
  • Verify your email address

As soon as you will sign up, you will get an email address confirmation message.

For example, say you have supplied your Gmail account id. You will get a humorous email from uberduck ai with a number of dancing ducks. Simply confirm your email address, and you may immediately begin using Uberduck.

  • Sign in with the email address you normally use.

After you have completed the sign-up process and confirmed your email address. You may log in to your account by going to and entering your email ID and password.

  • Choose the voice, then type in your information.
  • Now that everything has been finished, please log in. You only have to choose your voice from the drop-down menu, and then click the Synthesize button, as shown in the picture.
  • Once you have finished making your choices and entering your text, click the Synthesize button.
  • You may listen to, download, or share the synthesised speech you created with

When the process of converting text to voice is finished. You are free to listen to the audio file and save it to your computer if you like it. Then you may utilise this as necessary in the video reels for your social media platforms or the videos you upload to YouTube.

That’ All. Go ahead, play with different fake voices for your project and download the one you like.

Is Uberduck ai safe?

Despite the fact that Uberduck seems to be risk-free, there is a well-known proverb that asserts “safety is an illusion on the internet.” Therefore, I would advise you not to sign in using your Gmail or Discord ID. In the event that you attempt to sign in using your discord server or Gmail account, it will inquire as to whether or not it has authorization to access either of those locations.

Instead of using your Gmail or Discord account to check in to the website, which is my recommendation, always start by making a brand-new account there first.

What are Uberduck ai alternative or sites like

If you are serious about finding software that can turn your written words into spoken words, go no further. Websites such as are just one example of the various AI audio chatbots that are already accessible. Text-to-speech software such as, the Read aloud chrome extension,,, and Microsoft text-to-speech are some examples. If you are interested in learning more, you can just put the passphrase “Text to voice” into, and a selection of websites that allow you to explore the realm of artificial intelligence will appear.

How to sign in Uberduck ai with discord

Follow these instructions to link your Uberduck ai account to your Discord profile.

  • Open webpage
  • Choose option 2, which is to “join up with Discord as seen in the picture.”
  • Please provide the email id or phone number associated with your Discord account, as well as the password.
  • It will inquire as to whether or not you are willing to provide permission to utilise your Discord server. As soon as you are willing to permit it. You will have access to the login screen. Despite the fact that Uberduck is secure, I would advise you not to sign in with your Discord account unless it is absolutely required to do so. You can establish an account on the website, then use that account to login in. Previously, the only way to sign in was via Discord; however, now offers a total of three other ways to do so.

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