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TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds User Manual

The User Manual for the TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds is as follows: We are going to look at the user manual for the TOZO T6 Bluetooth Earbuds in this article.

How To Wear

  • After ensuring that the sound hole is facing downward, put the device into the ear.
  • Make sure that the earphones inside are securely fastened to your auricle.
TOZO T6 Wireless Earbuds User Manual

How To Pair

  • When you remove two headsets from their charging case, they will immediately begin to operate and will automatically connect with one another within ten seconds.
  • The indicator will alternate between flashing red and blue lights during its operation. (While in the pairing mode) choose the TOZO T6 from the device list in your bluetooth handbook.


If you experience any unusual connection issues, please try resetting your earphones to their factory settings using the procedures below:

  • To switch off the earbuds, remove two of them from the charging case, then press and hold the power button on each of them for five seconds, at which point red lights will appear.
  • After holding down the MFB touch panel on each of the earbuds for an additional five seconds, until the red and blue lights begin flashing simultaneously, and then pressing the MFB touch panel on each of the earbuds twice as quickly, the reset procedure will be complete when the purple light begins flashing.

Left Earbud

Power On: Pick up earbuds from battery case to pair to each automatically.

Power Off: Hold or put earbuds into battery case to power off automatically.

Right Earbud

Turn the power on and remove the earphones from the battery case to automatically connect them with each other.

Hold the earphones in your hand or place them in the battery case to turn off the power automatically.

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