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Top 30 Best OSU Skins of 2022

Are you a die-hard fan of Ohio State University? To spice up the game, we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 greatest OSU skins of 2022. When Dean Herbert first conceived of the OSU, it was nothing more than a simple but enjoyable rhythm game for anyone to participate in. From what it once was, OSU has evolved into what it is today: a competition of the abilities and tastes of its more than 15 million members. In addition, most individuals who play OSU have taken up skinning as a hobby, which allows them to use their creative faculties while also contributing to the overall development of the game.

If you are a player for OSU, you have the option of selecting a skin from the variety of options presented on the platform, designing your own, or downloading one of the hundreds of OSU skins produced by other players. This is the right tutorial for you if you are interested in the latter option. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top 30 best OSU skins of 2022, and you are free to test out a few of them to choose which one works best for you.

30 Popular OSU Skins of 2022


Top 30 Best OSU Skins of 2022

The OSU skin known as dokidokilokixx is, without a doubt, the most popular skin in the year 2022. It has almost one million views, and well over half a million people have downloaded it. In addition, there are around 400 evaluations accessible on the website for the skin, which confirm to the excellence of the skin in comparison to other skins. The friendliness of DokiDokiLoxx’s interface is the feature that stands out the most.


On the list of the greatest OSU skins, YUGEN comes in as a very close second. The connotation of the green-tea skin was derived from the Chinese phrase for “depth” or “mystery,” and people are drawn to it for the simplicity with which it may be customised. Over half of all OSU players continue to use YUGEN, despite the fact that it has been downloaded over a half million times.


The colour Varvalian is blue, and it is cherished. There have been more than 400 thousand individuals who have watched the skin, and about 300 thousand of those people have downloaded it.

New Retro Wave

This skin is full of vibrant colours, is cheerful and adorable, and is sure to put a smile on your face each time you launch OSU. Over 292 thousand people have downloaded the pink-colored OSU skin, and it has over half a million views.


clearblack is for those who want to keep things simple. The skin is simple yet elegant, and the fact that it has over 200,000 downloads is evidence of its prominence.


Rafis is a white OSU skin with a yellow stripe running down the middle of it. The design is appealing, and more than 177 thousand OSU students, faculty, and staff have already downloaded it.

Flying Tuna

The qualities provided by many of the best OSU skins are improved with the addition of Flying Tuna. The skin can be modified in a snap, and more than 177 thousand individuals have already downloaded it.


This skin comes in red and white by default, but you may make a variety of adjustments to its appearance as you use it. In addition, Informous provides functionality that is superior to the majority of the other skins currently available.


Cookiezi is considered to be one of the top skins for OSU, and its design has seen several modifications throughout the course of its existence in order to cater to a wider variety of users. If the original text does not satisfy your needs, a single modification should do the trick.

AS – Zero Two

Those who like anime will enjoy Zero Two. The person who designed the skin was motivated to do so by the character from the anime series Darling in the Franxx who had the same name. This skin has over 150 thousand downloads, and the number keeps increasing.


This skin is for folks with a taste for simplicity. BeasttrolMC delivers excellent scroll speed and is simple to read despite clutters. It has continuously made the list of the top OSU skins available for download, and approximately 100 thousand users use it.


Minecraft is one of the most played video games in the world, and many of the game’s devoted fans have shown an interest in OSU. The number of people who have downloaded the Minecraft OSU skin has already surpassed 100,000, and it is continuing to rise.

Miraie III

The Miraie III has an alluring appearance and is easy to use. Over one hundred thousand users have downloaded the skin, making it clear that they find its mix of looks and usefulness to be the most appealing option.


You can tell that the designers behind the Selyu OSU skin have worked on a number of other projects because of how appealing this skin is. There have been more than one hundred thousand users who have downloaded Selyu from the official OSU skins website.

azer -ite

The azer ite OSU skin has a variety of tones of blue, an uncluttered look, and an interface that is simple and straightforward to use. Over 90 thousand people have downloaded the skin, and the accompanying website has tens of nice comments.


Megumin is another another character from a Japanese anime that has served as the basis for an OSU skin. More than 70.000 times have been spent downloading the pink and blue skin.


Another character from a Japanese anime that has served as the motivation for an OSU skin is Megumin. Over 70.000 times have been spent downloading the skin with pink and blue accents.

! + ytgrs + !

This skin is a timeless one since it provides the fundamental elements that are found in many OSU skins, but it does it with improved graphics. It has been downloaded over 71,000 times, and people like how the skin contains bright colours to make it easier on the eyes.


The majority of customers base their decision on how an OSU skin looks, however HarleyRizumu does not cater to customers that fall into this kind of user. Instead, it provides straightforward aesthetics and functionality that are the industry standard.


The majority of the other skins that are vying for attention provide inferior characteristics in comparison to Angelsim’s. On the other hand, customers who have used the skin have praised its attractiveness from a visual standpoint.


The name of this OSU skin suggests that only users with a good sense of humour should apply it. The skin is the only colourful feature on an otherwise all-black body.

Purple Mathi

Purple Mathi spares no effort in catering to fans of anime. This OSU skin includes everything that people seek for in an OSU skin, from the effects in the front to the backdrop, and it even has a good background.


Hugofrost is a wonderful skin because the way it was designed makes it simple to go from straightforward activities at the start to more difficult ones as you progress through the game.

Nishikino Maki

At long last, we have another skin based on a Japanese anime character. This one is straightforward, with pink and white swirls that provide a dynamic air to the game you’re playing.

Wrapping Up

They are at your disposal now! The greatest 30 Oregon State University skins from 2022. Because of both their looks and their functionality, these skins have an advantage over their rivals. Their dominance in the field is shown by the high number of downloads they have received from official websites as well as positive feedback on the benefits of using them. You may also see OSU players discussing these skins on online forums, but you won’t really understand how awesome they are until you put them to use on your own character.

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