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The First Cracks In Sony PS5 Firmware

In a report published over the weekend, the hacker group Fail0verflow claimed to have gotten root keys for the PlayStation 5, which would allow them to decrypt the console’s software. “In addition, Andy Nguyen (a safety engineer at Google who’s better known by his handle, theflow0) was able to gain access to the PlayStation 5’s debug settings menu on a retail PS5 over the weekend, according to The Verge. Is this one of the first steps toward jailbreaking Sony’s newest gaming console, the PlayStation 4? Chaim Gartenberg of The Verge gives his thoughts on the film: The two exploits are particularly noteworthy because of the potential level of access they could provide to the PlayStation 5’s software programme. Because of Fail0verflow’s keys, decrypted firmware may be used to further reverse engineer the PS5 software programme, allowing hackers to create the kinds of hacks that allowed for things like installing Linux, emulators, and even pirated video games on earlier Sony systems to become possible.

It is unlikely that either exploit will cause significant change for PS5 owners in the near future — there is no immediate PS5 jailbreak available at this time, and neither Nguyen nor Fail0verflow have revealed the specifics of their respective exploits — and it’s not clear whether or not they will ever do so. Nonetheless, the exploits are a step in the right direction. It is already known that Nguyen does not intend to make his hack public, and Wololo.web points out that Fail0verflow did not publish its PS4 hacks during the previous console generation until Sony patched the issues, so it is possible that none of this will result in any significant changes in the PS5 hacking scene.


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