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Subnautica Lifepod 2 Location, Coordinates And Data Box

As players struggle to survive in Subnautica’s strange ocean, they will have the opportunity to retrieve useful equipment from sinking Life Pods. Here’s where you may locate each of them:

As the Aurora fell into the atmosphere of Planet 4546B, life pods were deployed as part of an emergency response routine to protect the population. Life pod 5 was the sole capsule that had survived the subnautica disaster. In this case, we’re talking about the life pod that brought the game’s protagonist Ryley to the surface….

There are nine additional destroyed life pods in the playable zones that players can scavenge for rich minerals. Gamers who wish to locate each of these spots as quickly as possible can do so by following the instructions and coordinates in this guide, which includes a map of the surrounding area. Perhaps knowing where to go can help lessen the likelihood of players getting killed by hostile creatures.

Where to Find Each Life Pod

Subnautica Lifepod 2 Location, Coordinates And Data Box

This guide will include coordinates for each location, as well as a map to make it easier to locate them, rather than going into detail about how to go to each location. Life pods 4 and 7 will be explored in greater depth because they might be difficult to locate on the map and necessitate a little of puzzle-solving within the game in order to locate them. See the table below for information about each life pod, zone, and locations (X, Y, Z).

  • Life Pod 2: Northern Blood Kelp Zone (-490, -500, 1328)
  • Life Pod 3: Eastern Kelp Forest Zone (-33, -17, 408)
  • Life Pod 4: North Edge Of Crash Zone (717, -7, 161)
  • Life Pod 6: Easter Grassy Plateaus Zone (363, -110, 309)
  • Life Pod 7: Northern Craig Field (-55, -179, -1039)
  • Life Pod 12: Center Of Bulb Zone (1117, -268, 568)
  • Life Pod 13: Western Mushroom Forest (-919, -177, 508)
  • Life Pod 17: Western Grassy Plateaus (-510, -91, -45)
  • Life Pod 19: Sparse Reef (-808, -298, -873)

Life Pod 4

Finding life pod 4 the appropriate approach is to take the Seamoth and ride around the edge of the crash site and Mushroom Forest, which is located on the east side of the map, until you reach it. The wrecked life pod can be found towards the front of the ship, directly on the border between the two zones, and will be discovered by explorers.

Players must exercise caution in this area because Reapers can be found everywhere. Life pod 4 is notoriously difficult to locate, owing to the fact that every other life pod is located on the ocean floor. This one, on the other hand, floats on top of the water’s surface.

Life Pod 7

On the south end of the map, in a zone known as Crag Field, west of the Aurora and east of the Grand Reef, lies the location of Life Pod 7. Because this pod is quite deep, it can be difficult to locate it. The fall is complicated by the presence of a number of potentially deadly species. So it is probably a good idea to include a defence module for the vehicle that the player is currently driving in the game. If the life pod is difficult to locate, there are a handful of things to keep an eye out for:

  • The presence of murky water indicates that the players have come too close to the Aurora and will most likely perish in the jaws of one of the Reaper Leviathans.
  • If there are a lot of bubbles in the water, this indicates that the players are too close to the Grand Reef and should retreat.

Aside from those simple pointers, the majority of individuals will be able to locate the places by referring to the map and coordinates provided above.

What Each Life Pod Contains

All nine life pods contain at least one helpful item that will aid explorers in their efforts to live and advance farther in the game. The things on the following list will be kept in each life pod to ensure that they are not forgotten. Explorers can have a look at the objects and decide whether it is worthwhile for them to spend their time searching for each pod in turn. Many of the blueprints for these things are contained within Data Boxes, which can subsequently be used to construct the item under consideration.

It’s important to note that each of these life pods was designed to be discovered in an organic way by players. Every life pod emits a signal as soon as the conditions for triggering it are met, indicating that it has been designated as a beacon on the PDA. These will not be described in detail here because all of the specific locations have already been mentioned. In order to discover the life pods, players are not need to have this signal, provided they are aware of where they may find them.

Life Pods & Their Blueprints

  • Life Pod 2: Contains the Cyclops Depth Module, increasing depth to 900 M.
  • Life Pod 3: Contains 1/2 Seaglide Fragments and the Compass.
  • Life Pod 4: Contains the First Aid Kit and Creature Decoy, which distracts hostile creatures.
  • Life Pod 6: Contains 2 Flares, Lead, and the Ultra Glide Fins, which improve swim speed.
  • Life Pod 7: Contains a Cylindrical Sample Flask, Gray Cap, Microscope, Toy Car, and Unusual Doll.
  • Life Pod 12: Contains the Repulsion Cannon, which is used to deter 
  • Life Pod 13: Contains the Ultra Glide Fins, which increase swim speed.
  • Life Pod 17: Contains 1/3 Seamoth the Seamoth.
  • Life Pod 19: Contains the Ultra High Capacity Tank, increasing total oxygen supply to 225.

According to the goods they intend to manufacture first, explorers may want to skip around to different pods. Because they will receive the Ultra Glide Fins data box along with a few other goods if they go to life pod 6 rather than life pod 13, players are advised to go to life pod 6. A number of terrifying monsters lurk in and around the site, making life pods 4 and 7 the most dangerous of the group. Keep an eye on where you’re going and try to stay alive.


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