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Rockstar Games Apologizes for GTA Re-Release Glitches, Promises Updates and PC Originals

In response to the abrupt technical issues that came to light as a part of the launch of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Version, Rockstar Video games posted an update to the Bulletins section of the corporate’s website online on Friday. (See Slashdot’s prior protection, which can be seen right here and here.)

We would like to express our heartfelt apologies to anyone who has experienced difficulties while playing these video games…” The Rockstar Video Games Group released the following statement:

The Grand Theft Auto collection — and the video games that make up this renowned trilogy — are as unique to us as we are to the millions of fans who have flocked to play them all around the world. The updated versions of those classic video games did not launch in a state that met our personal standards of high quality, nor did they satisfy the standards that our fans had come to expect from us.

We have continuous plans to deal with the technical issues and to improve the overall quality of each sport in the future. With each conscious upgrade, the video games will improve to the level of high quality that they should be at this point.

All versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Version will get a fresh new Title Replace in the coming days, which will address a variety of issues. We’ll replace everyone as soon as possible if the situation continues.

In the meanwhile, we regret to inform you that we are now reviewing reports of members of the event groups who have been harassed on social media platforms. We would like it if our group could help maintain a respectful and civil tone during this launch as we go through these points together.

While one of many purposes of the Definitive Editions was to allow gamers to continue to enjoy these video games on fashionable platforms for a number of years to come, we recognize that some of you may still like to be able to purchase the previous standard editions of these video games.

GTA III, GTA: Vice Metropolis, and GTA: San Andreas will all be returning to the Rockstar Retailer in the near future as a bundle, while GTA IV will be returning as a standalone title. More to the point, anyone who purchases Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Version for PC from the Rockstar Store before June 30, 2022 will receive these classic versions of the Rockstar Video games Launcher catalogue at no additional charge. After the Rockstar Store restocks its inventory, we’ll notify everyone that the items have been restored.

Once more, we’d want to express our gratitude to everyone for their patience and understanding as we work through these improvements to ensure that these video games meet the legitimately high expectations of everyone who plays them.

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