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Are you curious in the true distinction between RGB and ARGB, as well as whether or not one of these colour spaces is superior to the other?

These days, there are an overwhelming number of choices for PC illumination (as well as an overwhelming quantity of marketing), and as a result, confusion is absolutely not an unusual occurrence.

ARGB, which stands for “Addressable RGB,” is a relatively new lighting system that is essentially an upgraded version of RGB. ARGB lighting allows you control over each individual LED, while RGB lighting can only be configured to show a single colour across all of its LEDs at once. ARGB allows for a wide variety of effects, including flashing, sound synchronisation, and impressive cycling of colours.

For instance, an RGB lighting strip may have one hundred separate LED lights, yet regardless of the time or place, each and every one of those lights will always display the same colour. It is possible for a single ARGB lighting strip to display all 100 possible colours at the same time if it has 100 unique LEDs.

The gist of it can be summed up like this, but we’ll go into more depth below in order to further explain each choice and assist you in deciding which one is more financially viable than the others.

When it comes to the technology that powers contemporary personal computers, there is a dizzying array of options available, regardless of whether you are just beginning started with RGB lighting or are trying to enhance your current configuration.

What is RGB?


The letters RGB stand for the colour components red, green, and blue. It is used inside the illumination of electronic devices, including as televisions, computer displays, smart phones, tablets, and a variety of other devices. The reason why red, green, and blue are used is because they are the primary colours, which means that these are the building blocks of all other colours that might potentially exist on a screen.

In recent years, the electronics industry as a whole, and the PC gaming sector in particular, has made a significant effort to develop goods so that they are more visually beautiful than they were in years past. In the end, this will not only result in the usage of plastic, metal, and glass, but also of RGB lighting gadgets. This will be the ultimate outcome.

When this lighting is used, the personal computer transforms from a work tool into something that is more of a visual treat for the eyes. Even a simple colour display that doesn’t move may spruce up a personal computer and your space.

What is ARGB?

ARGB is an acronym that stands for “Addressable RGB,” and this technology enables you to exert a higher amount of control over the RGB lighting at the level of each individual LED. You have the ability to adjust the colours of individual LEDs and programme them to do things such as flash, breathe, coordinate with noises, and cycle over the colour spectrum.

ARGB has contributed significantly to the rapid development of contemporary RGB technology over the last ten years.

Check out this video uploaded by a YouTube user who does a fantastic job of demonstrating the types of things that ARGB can accomplish on something as simple as a PC case fan:

ARGB is accessible on a wide number of various devices, so if you feel that your laptop or personal computer isn’t flashy enough, purchasing ARGB items will help ease that sensation to a significant degree. All of this is handled by the software included inside the controller box, which is really easy to use and gives you the ability to manage all of your ARGB lighting devices from a single location with relative simplicity.

Again, some of the features that make this application stand out from others are the ability to make your electronic devices change colour in a breathing pattern, screen mirror, or even change colours to the beat of the music that you are listening to. This essentially transforms your working or playing space into your very own private nightclub.

Is ARGB Better Than RGB?

Because it is a more sophisticated variation of the RGB lighting that has swept the PC industry like a storm, ARGB is the obvious victor in this competition. In comparison to RGB, which can only display one colour at a time, the fully customizable nature of ARGB makes it clear that this technology is much better.

ARGB goods can look fantastic, and they also have the potential to enhance your whole PC experience by providing extra lighting effects for games and music. This is something that RGB products simply cannot achieve, but ARGB products have the potential to do so.

To have your whole lighting setup dynamically replicate what’s happening on your computer screen at any given moment is a very interesting experience to say the least.

Just said, ARGB lighting is simply the next logical step after RGB. Consequently, if you are planning on sprucing up your personal computer (PC) or creating one from the ground up and you desire illumination, we would suggest that you go with ARGB.

Does RGB or ARGB Affect Performance?

It doesn’t matter how many jokes or how many serious claims you’ve seen floating around the internet, the performance of your gaming rig won’t be affected by RGB or ARGB lighting. The illumination has little impact on the amount of processing power being used and does not place a substantial strain on the graphics card. If you have a defective device, then maybe it might create some troubles, but this is true of every computer product under the sun, so don’t let it get you down.

It is a common misconception that users create in order to give the impression that their purchase will have a much greater impact than it actually will by singling out RGB lighting as a possible cause that your performance is increased or decreased. This is done with the intention of making their purchase appear to be much more significant than it actually is.

This story has its origins in the fans that are sold with these devices, as well as the idea that blue lighting may help to cool down your computer more effectively, leading to improved overall performance while playing games. This is bullshit and a means for people to rationalise their acquisition of nice looking things for any reason other than the fact that they appear cool.

The vast majority of things for personal computers that you purchase will have some kind of impact on your machine in some manner. Rarely does a new piece of equipment go undetected when it is added to your personal computer for the very first time. This is true regardless of whether the new component stands out due to its appearance, its performance, or any combination of the two.

What devices Come with ARGB or RGB?

How many different types of devices does a computer have? Because in most cases, it is the limit when we are discussing what can employ RGB and ARGB lighting.

It’s crazy how many items now have this sort of lighting built in; examples include your keyboard, mouse, motherboard, graphics card, fan, speakers, RAM sticks, LED strips, and cases. The number of products that now have this type of lighting built in is simply insane.

The RGB illuminated keyboard is one of the most popular products now available, and the reason for its popularity is because it can give your standard, mundane keyboard a little more of a kick by allowing your controller to choose how the lights behave based on the activity that you are currently engaged in.

For instance, you may have the lights move in time with the music that is playing, or in particular games, the lights can behave in a variety of ways based on what you are doing in the game itself.

The same holds true with RGB lighted mice, which provide the same kind of impression. There are always going to be those people who like lighting that is more subdued and quiet, and for those people, there is the option to have a static lighting effect on at all times if that is something that you would prefer.

Which Is More Expensive?

Devices that use this kind of illumination might have radically different pricing points depending on what product they are. The price of RGB RAM will be much higher compared to that of normal RAM, although the price difference between an RGB illuminated keyboard and a non-RGB keyboard may not be that significant.

But when compared to the prices of regular RGB products, how much more expensive are ARGB products?

In the majority of instances, there is not a huge amount of difference between the two. ARGB items may cost a little bit more than RGB products, but there is not a huge difference between them in terms of pricing or how they function in actuality. It depends entirely on the individual circumstances.


RGB lighting was originally used to make computers seem better, but ARGB has enhanced PC experiences.

The better experience is not higher performance, but the ability to change lighting systems on the fly and connect them with systems like dancing to music or changing game colours.

The latter is great since it lights up red while receiving damage, which enhances immersion.

RGB vs. ARGB product conversation shouldn’t be a problem till it comes to system compatibility.

Certain Motherboards support either RGB or ARGB, but not both, so if you want to light up gadgets, be sure it can handle it.

If you want your PC to shine like a spaceship, use ARGB.


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