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RGB Fusion Not Working: How To Fix

The RGB fusion programme is one of the most well-known pieces of software for modifying the appearance of the lights on a personal computer. However, the programme may experience a number of issues, which may become problematic for you during normal use or when playing games. These issues may arise at any time.

I can tell you that fixing the software problems won’t take any effort at all. Your issues may be resolved by only upgrading the hardware compatibility, in addition to the other workable options that I will provide for you in a moment.

Continue reading, as I will walk you through the process of learning all there is to know about the troubles with the RGB Fusion programme and offer you with the remedies that are one hundred percent simple. Additionally, you may download RGB Fusion to easily personalise the motherboards, graphics cards, LED strips, and casings of your personal computer with a single click.

Most Common RGB Fusion 2.0 Problems

There is a wide range of potential causes for your situation. The majority of the time, the programme is unable to function correctly due to one or two difficulties that obstruct the software operations. As a direct consequence of this, the programme exhibits a variety of issues and detection failures when it is operating.

The following is a list of potential issues that may arise while you are using the software:

LED lighting gets stuck

Due to a misconfiguration of the settings, the LED illumination may become unresponsive at times. If your programme gets stuck when changing colours, the colour that is now selected is the default colour. This issue may manifest itself if the settings in the BIOS are not regularly refreshed.

RGB Fusion Not Working: How To Fix

You might try changing the settings in the BIOS to solve this problem once and for all. Making adjustments to the settings will resolve the issue of having the default colour. You will be able to terminate the issue by refreshing the programme with its assistance.

RGB fusion doesn’t detect gigabyte graphics cards

Because of software problems, your programme may not always be able to recognise the GPU. Make sure that your graphics processing unit (GPU) comes from Gigabyte, then download the software that is compatible with it.

The programme that you have installed may not function properly if the graphics processing unit (GPU) that you have does not support it. Therefore, installing the appropriate software for your computer’s hardware might facilitate the detection of the GPU and the seamless resolution of the issue you are experiencing.

RGB Fusion app does not open

The presence of a large number of applications that are incompatible might disrupt the smooth operations of your programme. You may immediately repair this issue by either stopping the app from running or removing it. Because the programme utilises the same systems that are found in Windows, the execution of the software may be hampered.

If the hardware that you are using is not compatible with the software that you are using, then the programme will not operate and will not open either. Consequently, check to see that the hardware you’re using is compatible with the software you’re running.

Gskill Trident Z series RGB rams face a problem

There is a possibility that your programme may have difficulties synchronising with the Z-series Gskill trident rams. Because to a flaw in the programme, we are experiencing this difficulty. The programme will not open correctly if your RGB fusion is corrupt or if it has the most recent update.

Verify that you are using the most recent version of the Fusion app and that it has all of the necessary files. After that, the programme will open without any problems. There are a variety of other potential issues, like not possessing the appropriate version of the programme or having files that are corrupted.

Overclocked RAM does not run at its Full Speed

It is possible that your overclocked computer will not be able to make the most of your RAM if the programme is causing it to run more slowly. RGB fusion might be the problem if your own computer’s settings aren’t being adjusted correctly.

This issue will no longer manifest itself if you terminate the RGB Fusion application using the task manager on your device. Because of the software’s memory use, your computer may run more slowly. Therefore, eliminate the work when you are no longer in need of it.

Fix Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 Not Working

Here are the steps to fix RGB Fusion 2.0 not working:

1. Check Hardware Compatibility

If you have the incorrect hardware linked to your personal computer, the programme will not function properly. ICue is responsible for managing and customising your hardware; however, if your hardware does not support the programme, you will not be able to use the app correctly, and this might cause the software to malfunction.

Therefore, before using the programme, verify that it is compatible with your hardware. The following is a list of devices that are compatible with the app:


  • Aorus X299
  • Aorus Z270x
  • Aorus H270
  • Aorus Gaming B8
  • Aorus B250
  • Aorus AX370
  • Aorus AB350

Graphics card

  • RTX 2080 series
  • RTX 2070 series
  • GTX 1080 series
  • GTX 1070 series
  • RX 500 series.
  • The Aorus RGB memory 3200hz is compatible with RGB fusion


  • Aorus K9
  • Aorus K7


  • Aorus M5
  • Aorus M3


  • Gigabyte XC700w
  • Gigabyte XC300w

2. Uninstall Aura Sync, iCUE, and Riot Vanguard

The smooth operation of your programme may be hampered by a number of incompatible applications, such as Aura Sync, ICUE, and Riot vanguard. You may immediately repair this issue by either stopping the app from running or removing it. Because the programme utilises the same systems that are found in Windows, the execution of the software may be hampered.

The ways to delete the programme that contradicts themselves are as follows:

  • To access the Apps & Features menu, press the Windows key and the X key simultaneously.
  • After clicking the application, go to the next step: clicking the Uninstall button.
  • To uninstall the programme, follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Check to see if there are any other programmes that are incompatible with this one.
  • Perform a system restart, and then verify that the application is operating correctly.

How to stop RGB fusion from controlling RAM

Sometimes the programme can have trouble detecting the RAM that is installed in your personal computer. If you do not have the appropriate version of the programme installed on your system, you may have this problem. This problem might potentially be caused by a number of programmes or files that are incompatible with one another.

  • Launch the location in which RGB fusion was installed on your computer.
  • Delete the Spddupm and SPD Dump files from your computer. They make it such that RGB fusion and Trident Z Lighting Control are incompatible with one another.
  • Download the most recent version of the Trident Z Lighting Control app.
  • Check to see whether the RGB lights on the RAM can be synchronised.

How to Fix RGB Fusion 2.0 Not Detecting GPU

There is a possibility that the programme will not properly recognise your GPU due to certain configurations or inconsistencies. You only need to make a few simple adjustments to get the desired results. The following is a list of the procedures that need to be taken to repair RGB fusion not detecting GPU:

  • Remove Geforce Experience from your computer.
  • Using the Nvidia control panel, reset the settings to their original factory-default values.
  • Google the model number of your graphics card to see if it may be found.
  • To determine whether or not the video card is compatible, visit the official website for the results.
  • Install the software that may be found on the manufacturer’s website or included in the retail packaging for your graphics card.
  • RGB fusion or RGB fusion 2.0 should be run as the programme.
  • Check to see if it allows you to adjust the settings so that you can manage the RGB lights on your GPU.

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Final Thoughts

RGB Fusion is a wonderful programme to use, however it may sometimes produce a large number of issues that are difficult to tolerate. These issues can be quite frustrating. The problems are not very severe, and you can find solutions to each one on your own.

Your software’s problems may be fixed with relative ease, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted operation and a pristine environment. The answers I provided are quite simple, and you can do them in a short amount of time.

There are times when these issues may completely ruin your runtime experience, but I can guarantee you that if you follow the procedures, you will be able to swiftly eliminate the issue that you are having with the programme.

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