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Project Zomboid Difficulty Guide – Apocalypse And Survivor Differences

Project Zombie does not have standard difficulty levels, but you may tailor your experience to your preferences by playing in multiple game modes. Every player will find something to their liking, whether they are searching for a challenge that is primarily reliant on survival or desire to completely modify how the environment and zombies act. This article will teach you all you need to know about Project Zombie Difficulty settings, as well as the distinctions between Apocalypse and Survivor modes in a straightforward manner.

Differences between Apocalypse and Survivor – Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Difficulty Guide – Apocalypse And Survivor Differences
Apocalypse and Survivor are the two most popular of these games. The first is designed to be stealthy, and it is supposed to have a limited shelf life. Combat should likewise be avoided to the greatest extent feasible. For the most part, think of it as a “hard mode” challenge level. This is a little perplexing, especially given it is the greatest choice. As a result, if you are a newbie, be sure you pick this option.
Survivor is more of a middle-of-the-road show. The combat situation is a little more controllable, and although I’d still advise you to escape rather than fight, you may expect to live a little longer in the long run. This play style is based on a previously existing mode in Project Zombie called survival, which was included in the game.
The following are some of the special advantages of participating as a Survivor in Project Zombie:
  • Whenever you are assaulted from behind, your chances of getting immediately bitten are halved.
  • It takes more than three zombies to get your gamer to his or her knees.
  • With a single stroke of your weapon, you can take down many zombies at once.
  • Survivor has a good mix between the two, which is particularly important when you’re just starting out on the show. It won’t hold your hand, but that’s OK since losing several characters is a painful but rewarding way to get an understanding of how the game operates.

Once you’ve done a few runs, give Sandbox a try

Custom Sandbox provides a plethora of customization choices for customizing Project Zombie to your desire. When you’re just starting out, it might be intimidating, but once you’ve completed a few Survivor runs, this should be the next step for you to consider.

From the zombie population and their living quarters to the weather and treasure rarity as well as the presence of vehicles, everything in the game has the ability to be changed. Though going through all of the choices may take some time, you actually don’t need to adjust every single one of them in order to make a significant difference on your running performance.

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  • Take, for example, the ripsaw hours option found in the zombie advanced settings menu when you go to the zombie menu. If you reduce this value to zero, zombies will no longer respawn in your area. This contributes to a feeling of progress across the globe, as well as making your life simpler.
How to optimize Project Zombie is entirely up to you, although settings like as increasing the amount of stuff you discover or decreasing the frequency with which you come across locked homes may provide you with enough leverage to continue learning about the game without losing too early in the process. Ultimately, the builder’s play style might result in a more relaxed gaming experience than the other options.


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