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Pokémon Ultra Sun Cheat Codes in 2022

Pokemon has established a strong presence in the realm of gaming and development. With each new release, Game Freak expands the already expansive franchise’s reach even further. Pokemon Ultra Sun is one of the Pokemon games that was launched in 2017 with Pokemon Ultra Moon, and it, like the other versions in the series, featured new and interesting features. I’ve collected a list of Pokemon Ultra Sun cheats to assist you in collecting special items and making your progress through this adventure RPG game more enjoyable and streamlined.

Please keep in mind the following points before I begin describing how to use cheats:

Make sure not to activate more than one code at the same time. This will cause your game to crash, and you may lose all of your progress.
Because there are numerous versions of the game, it is possible that some codes will not work.
Remember to save your game progress before attempting to use any cheats or codes.
Users using personal computers must use mGBA/VBA.
It is recommended that Android users utilize the My Boy GBA Emulator or the premium edition of the game to play the game.

Money Max Cheats

Unfortunately, only a few of the Money Max cheats are now available on our website.

  • 6066F3DC 00000000
  • B066F3DC 00000000
  • B000001C 00000000
  • B0000024 00000000
  • B0000004 00000000
  • 000038E8 0098967F
  • D2000000 00000000

Continue to watch this article for updates on new cheats, as I will post them as soon as they become available. You must first review the information provided below.

To claim Pikachu, go to the Surfing Association headquarters in Heahea City and speak with the guy who works there about getting him. After you’ve destroyed all four of your high scores in Mantine Surf, you’ll be able to see the Pikachu in Heahea.

Unlock Episode RR

After beating the Elite 4 and completing the Ultra Beast assignment, you will be automatically granted access to Episode RR. It will become clear once you have unlocked Episode RR that the Aether Foundation, Festival Plaza, and the Aether Foundation are now under the authority of Team Rainbow Rocket, which is comprised of villains from prior games in the series.

Battle Tree

Poni Island’s north coast will become navigable when you have defeated Elite 4 and completed the timed event known as the Ultra Beast in Poni Grove. After conquering the Poni Gauntlet, you will be able to explore the Battle Tree, which is an arena where you can battle multiple trainers while employing a variety of rule settings to your advantage. In addition, after you exit the Battle Tree, you will see Red or the receptionist waiting at the entrance, ready to reward you with anything from the following options, depending on your performance.

  • Blastoisinite – Takedown Red in Single Battle.
  • Charizardite X – Takedown Red in Single Battle.
  • Charizardite Y – Takedown Red in Single Battle.
  • Moomoo Milk – Earn 5 consecutive wins.
  • PP Up – Earn10 consecutive wins.
  • Rare Candy – Earn 20 consecutive wins.
  • Venusaurite – Takedown Red in Single Battle.

Receive Eevee

When you first arrive at the Pokemon Nursery on Paniola Ranch, you will be given the opportunity to collect an egg. This egg will subsequently hatch into an Eevee, which will be yours to keep.

Battle Style Pose

Poke Battle Styles are distinguished by the use of specific poses that are activated at the beginning of a battle. Each style makes use of a different set of Pokemon throwing visuals. If you’ve unlocked Battle Styles, you’ll be able to switch between them while still in the same game. All you have to do is talk to the old man on the Outer Cape, which is located to the north of Malie City and will take you to the location.

  • Elegant Style – Chat with the old man at the Malie City Outer Cape.
  • Girlish Style – Beat Lana in a battle in Konikoni City.
  • Idol Style – Clear Battle Royal’s Master Rank.
  • Left-Handed Style – Beat Ilima in a battle in Hau’oli City.
  • Nihilist Style – Beat Giovanni in battle.
  • Passionate Style – Earn 50 consecutive wins or higher in the Battle Tree.
  • Reverent Style – Beat Kiawe in a battle near the Thrifty Megamart in Paniola Town.
  • Smug Style – Beat Gladion on Mount Lanakila before the Elite Four.

Get Zygarde

After defeating the Elite Four, you must defeat Dexio in a Pokemon combat on Route 16 in order to obtain Zygarde. Sina will offer you with the Zygarde Cube, which you will need in order to complete the Zygarde development process. In order to get 100 percent Zygarde, you must capture a wild Zygarde in Resolution Cave and bring it back to your base.

That is all there is to it!! These are the Pokemon Ultra Sun cheats that are currently available on the internet for use. More Pokemon cheats may be found in our area dedicated to the Pokemon video game.


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