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Path of Exile: How to Defeat All Uber Bosses Guide

Players must engage in combat with both The Shaper and The Elder at the same time in order to defeat The Uber Elder, making this one of the most difficult boss fights in Path of Exile.

How to Defeat All Uber Bosses Guide – Path of Exile 

Six new keystones have been added to Path of Exile. These keystones spawn super versions of Path of Exile’s pinnacle boss fights and are named Venarius, Sirus, The Maven, The Searing Exarch, The Eater of Worlds, and The Shaper respectively.

Path of Exile: How to Defeat All Uber Bosses Guide

Collect the Fragments

After defeating the Shaper and the Elder, you will need to retrieve all four of the Uber Elder’s pieces and then put them in the map gadget in order to battle the Uber Elder. These fragments are known as the Knowledge Fragment (Shaper), the Shape Fragmentation Fragment (Shaper), the Terrorist Fragment (Elder), and the Emptiness Fragment (Elder).

The struggle against the Uber Elder is difficult since you will have to contend with both the Shaper and the Elder at the same time. Therefore, in order to offer us the greatest possible chance of winning, we strongly suggest that you equip yourself with an 8-megapixel camera and a damage-dealing overlay, a flask of immunity to the effects of freezing, an appropriate health pool of 8,000 or more points, and defensive flasks.

In the battle against the Uber Elder, both the Shaper and the Elder will have access to the majority of the regular abilities in their skill sets; however, the Shaper will not have access to “Bullet Hell” or “Clone.”

Damage the Shaper

As soon as the fight starts, you will only have a chance to injure one of the adversaries, who is the Shaper. This is due to the fact that the Elder will be immune to injury up until the Shaper’s health reaches 75 percent. After this point, the Shaper will develop a high resistance to damage, and you will be able to do damage to him. Until then, the Elder will remain unharmed.

When the Elder’s health hits 75%, he will become immune to damage and activate four eldritch portals, each of which will call out a different kind of monster. The Shaper will continue to battle you during this phase.

After the Elder has completed opening his portals, the battle will pick up where it left off. The immune player will remain so until the other player’s health bar drops below half. After both of you have reached 50 percent of your maximum health, the Shaper will unlock the portal to call monsters while the Elder will begin attacking you.

After the Elder has closed one of his portals, the battle will continue as normal until both of the adversaries have lost 25 percent of their health, at which time he will reopen one of his portals. Because the subsequent phase will find both opponents open to attack, you must finish out the Shaper before turning your attention to the Elder.

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