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Old School Run escape: Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

Are you seeking for a free-to-play mission that will help you earn a little OSRS gold as well as other goodies that will be of use to you in the long run? Then go check out Below Ice Mountain, which is a hidden gem. This quest will not need you to spend much OSRS GP, but you will need to purchase some bread and a knife in order to complete it. It is also necessary to have a pickaxe with level 10 mining, however the rest of the OSRS goods that we need may be obtained throughout the quest.

Starting the Quest with Willow

Old School Run escape: Below Ice Mountain Quest Guide

Our first objective is to go to Willow, who can be located to the south of the Dwarven Mine entrance on the other side of Ice Mountain. Willow is a self-described archaeologist who will notify you that she has discovered a hidden entrance behind a mound of rocks, which you should investigate. She will ask for your assistance because she does not want another archaeologist to come along and claim credit for the discovery of the site.

As a result, we must come to terms on how to assist her. You’ll have to persuade her crew to assist her, despite the fact that they have a strained relationship with her. Checkal, Marley, and Burntof are the three persons with whom you must communicate in order to complete your mission. You are free to converse with these characters in whatever sequence you like.


A strongman named Check may be found in Barbarian Village, where he works as a construction worker. To convince him that you are capable of joining up with Willow again, you will need to demonstrate your strength to him. You will need to train with Atlas, who can be found in the Long Hall tavern, in order to do this. Atlas will agree to train you, which will result in a cutscene, and you will be able to utilise the Flex emote throughout the training session. Return to Checkal and utilise the emote on him, and he will agree to assist you after that.


Burntof is a master of explosives, as his moniker implies a little too loosely. In this case, we’ll be travelling to Falador to stay at the Rising Sun Inn. He will be inebriated and will approach you for a drink. Purchase one from the bartender and give it to Burntof, who will then accept to join the squad on the condition that he meets one of the requirements.

You’re going to have to defeat him in a game of rock, paper, scissors in a best-of-three scenario. Burntof will assist you regardless of the sign you choose since he is too intoxicated to play anyhow.


You will have been instructed to track out Marley’s location by Charlie the Tramp, but you may bypass Charlie and go directly to the ruins of Edgeville to locate Marley. The thief will be looking for a steak lunch, which you can buy at the Blue Moon Inn for a little fee. Since Marley has been barred from the inn, it seems that you will have to provide him with a room of your own.

Travel to Varrock and chat with the inn’s chef about your plans. He will still refuse to prepare the sandwich, despite the fact that he understands the fine craftsmanship that goes into it. You may prepare the sandwich using a knife, some bread, and some cooked meat, and then bring it back to Marley, who will also be willing to assist you.

Heading to the Ruins

As soon as you’ve gathered your team, it’s time for you to enter via the old doors that can be located to the northwest of Ice Mountain. Speak with Willow, and the workers will begin to unblock the entry to the location as soon as possible. We may go inside the cave now that the rocks have been removed and the traps have been disarmed.

In the end, Willow will disclose that they are not truly archaeologists, but rather grave thieves on the lookout for a large payday. She does not want you to turn them in to the police, and she intends to murder you if you do. Unfortunately for her, Burntof sets off a trap that causes the Ancient Guardian to awaken, forcing the crew to flee for their lives.

Choose between killing the guardian using your standard fighting abilities or mining to the four pillars situated in the chamber to get control of it. The guardian will be killed as a result of the falling rocks caused by this. Due to the fact that it is not very tough, you do not need to worry about having a Twisted Bow or anything like that. Regardless of how you beat Willow, make sure to take use of the stuff in her bag. Doors leading farther down will bring you to a dwarf named Ramarno, who has been living in these ruins since the Runecrafting Crusades and has been able to survive them.


You will be rewarded with a quest point, 2,000 coins, and entry to the Ruins of Camdozaal for successfully completing this mission. You will not be required to purchase OSRS gold in order to complete all of the prerequisites for this quest, so don’t be concerned about finding a place where you can buy OSRS gold. It is a brief yet entertaining journey in which you may take part. In addition, it is open to players who have free accounts, so you are not need to have an active subscription in order to enjoy it fully.

Have you ever finished the ice mountain quest in the Old School RPG? Did you have a good time figuring out what lies underneath Ice Mountain? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


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