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Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card crypto Mining hashrate and profitability

The cryptocurrency mining hashrate and profitability of the Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card. The hashrate and profitability of mining with an Nvidia GTX 1660 graphics card were topics that I covered in a recent essay of mine. Today I’ll be going through a card with some comparable elements, but it’s a more advanced version. The RTX 3070 is both one of the most lucrative and one of the most costly GPUs currently available.

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To get to the crucial part, the RTX 3070 offers me somewhere between 60 and 62 Mhs. Therefore, the income is more than double what it was before according to the hashrate. However, bear in mind that the costs of any graphics card have recently increased by a factor of two or three. The increase in costs is a result of demand, a lack in supply, an increase in the number of players as a result of lockout, crypto mining, and other factors. The MSI dashboard shown below, together with the settings shown below it, works the best for me. The temperature is reached by decreasing the Power restriction and adding two more System fans.

Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card crypto Mining hashrate and profitability


Someone who wishes to get in right now should give consideration to this aspect of the situation. My graphics card is a Zotac RTX 3070 AMP Holo, and it set me back around 1,20,000 yen. When I include in the price of the card, how much ETH it can create, and the cost of the power, I should be able to make up my initial investment in one to one and a half to two years. You can always check here, at, to see which currencies are the best to mine.

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