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My Galaxy Buds case is Flashing Red, What Should I do?

The blinking red light problem occurs with several Galaxy products, including the Galaxy Gear IconX and the Galaxy Buds. This tutorial concentrates on the Galaxy IconX, although the techniques that are detailed below are equally applicable to the Galaxy Buds.

After purchasing IconX 2018 for the second day, I immediately ran across this problem. My search for the answer consumed an hour of my time, but you won’t need to spend that much time on it. The flashing problem that certain LED lights have been having is addressed in this article.

I attempted to trigger the blinking problem in order to investigate the possible causes of it and find a solution. I was able to identify three potential reasons and ways to address each of them.

Why do LED lights flash?

According to the instruction manual, the charging function will be disabled if the red LED begins to flash (most probably because of environmental problems). It can be the temperature, the water, or the dust. It could be anything. However, there is one thing that the majority of people do, although they are completely unaware of doing it.

Checking the wingtips to fix the issue

My problem was easily solved when I realised that I had been applying the wingtips incorrectly. In my situation, I was putting the wingtip from the left earbud onto the right earphone, and vice versa for the right earbud. The inscription that is written on the side may be seen on each of the wingtips. If you have altered the wingtips in any way, check to be that they are both positioned on the appropriate side.

My Galaxy Buds case is flashing red, what should I do?

Sticking a paper to apply force

If the problem is still not fixed, you may attempt fixing it by inserting a piece of paper inside the case. The indicator light will blink incessantly if the charging connections are not correctly connected. Sticking a piece of paper on the buds will make it easier for them to connect to the charging connectors. Take a look at the picture below.

Removing the wingtips completely

I attempted to charge them without the wingtips attached while I was looking for a solution. The solution was successful. The rationale for this decision was that the wingtips take up some space and might potentially prevent charging connections from connecting. Taking off the wingtips allows for better contact with the charging connectors.

Video Guide


I really hope that one of the solutions works. Please let me know if any of them worked. In addition, if you are aware of any further solutions to this problem, do share them with me.

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