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Lost Ark: Legion Raid Guide | Valtan Gate 1

It has been more than two weeks since the Lost Ark Valtan Legion Commander Raid was made available to players in the western region of Lost Ark. Even though seasoned players from Korea would consider this to be one of the easier of all the Legion Commander Raids, novice players from the West still have a lot to learn about the game’s many systems in order to successfully pass through the two gates.

Before you start the Lost Ark Valtan raid

The gameplay of Legion Commander Raids combines aspects of both Abyss Raids and Abyss Dungeons into a single experience. Similar to Abyss Raids, Legion Commander Raids need eight players to complete. However, in contrast to Abyss Raids, players in Abyss Dungeons are able to see the monsters’ health bars, which is a feature that is not available in Abyss Raids. This is due to the fact that some monsters have special mechanics that they utilise when they reach certain HP levels. Because these mechanics require players to cooperate with one another, it is essential for players to monitor the boss’s health bar. The most significant alteration is the introduction of Hero Skills. During a raid, the Hero Gauge will begin to charge on its own and will be accelerated by landing counters. When the gauge is at its maximum, the leader of the group has the option of using one of three abilities, all of which have a significant amount of damage output. The following is a list of the Hero Skills that are applicable for Valtan Legion Raids:

  • Thirain inflicts catastrophic damage on the boss. Thirain is a powerful spell.
  • Wei: Wei does devastating damage that causes the boss to become stunned.
  • Balthorr: Balthorr produces a zone that reduces the amount of damage taken by allies from the monster.

Most crucially, beginning with Valtan Hard Mode, you will be able to manufacture items of the Relic tier by making use of the resources that drop as a result of successfully completing the raid. Although the release of the next Legion Commander, Vykas, is necessary for the acquisition of some sets of equipment, the quantity of components required to craft complete sets is extremely high; therefore, it is in your best interest to get a head start as soon as possible to avoid a great deal of hassle in the future.

It is also at this time that players will expect you to have a suitable build in order to be invited to join a party. It is intended that the vast majority of classes will have at least four engravings at their maximum tier and have a balanced distribution of their statistics.

Lost Ark: Legion Raid Guide | Valtan Gate 1

Valtan Raid Gate 1 Guide

The first gate’s wolf boss has three distinct forms, each with a distinct hue. Throughout the tutorial, I’ll describe each of them in detail.

First, the black wolf will do the most harm to the group. There are many ways to do this, but I suggest using all of your waking talents as quickly as possible.

The red wolf will show up after you’ve reached that point.

Inflicting the Red Wolf’s swipe strikes will cause the affected to be infected with a stack of Bleed, which may be stacked as much as three times. Massive damage may be dealt to the player when the third stack is used. You should carry Panacea to remove the debuff as soon as it reaches the third stack as soon as possible. There’s a tornado assault in which the wolf begins to pursue after one person within the vortex and it’s a good idea to keep an eye on it. In order to avoid being caught in the tornado’s path, everyone else in the group must run in a circle around the targeted player.

Around x40, a blue wolf emerges alongside the red one, introducing the game’s first major mechanic. When both wolves are present, two random players will be marked with red and blue markers, and the wolves will pursue the marked players based on the colour of the markers. In order to deliver the most damage, marked players must go to opposite ends of the room. This is because the wolves are more powerful when they are together. Wolf attacks are dealt more damage with the help of another random player who receives a golden bonus.

Upon the disappearance of the blue wolf, the red wolf erupts into a frenzy of anger. Every hit inflicts a Dark stack, further reducing the player’s field of vision as long as they are in this condition. Players will be paralysed if they get a fifth stack of Darkness The wolf’s fatal grasp strikes begin at this point, so preserve your burst to bring its HP down to x30.

The battle shifts gears at x30. If you don’t want to go through this mechanism the way the creators intended, there is a far simpler technique that allows you to bypass it. In order to survive the red wolf, all party members need to get to the bottom of the region. There will be a slew of orbs spawning and moving toward the party. Using Wei and other stagger talents like Whirlwind Grenades, the party leader may rapidly finish off the remainder of the stagger bar. The boss will be stunned and the mechanic will be terminated if you are successful.

The red wolf will be replaced with the blue one after the conclusion of the combat. Some of this wolf’s talents will freeze people that are struck, but he has more area-of-effect skills that don’t apply Bleed if you are hit by them. A significant number of possibly fatal AoE attacks will spawn around an area where the monster tosses a green ball.

Once you get to x25, you’ll be able to see both red wolves and their mechanism. As long as you separate them and keep attacking until the red one dies, you’ll be OK. Make sure your Hero gauge is full before knocking down the boss’ HP bar, since the orb mechanism restarts at x15. When the boss is stunned, it will growl and prepare for a devastating strike. Aim for a place lower than where you were when you employed the orb mechanic. A ring explosion will begin at the outside edge of the ring and travel toward the boss if you do not accomplish this. If you can make it to the lower section before the assault begins, you’ll be safe from harm.

The black wolf will emerge after the bomb has exploded, combining the two wolves. An improved variant of the red wolf’s tornado strike may be found in this one’s arsenal. The black wolf’s HP bar can only be depleted by staying alive and doing damage to it, therefore staying alive is all you have to do to go through gate 1.

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