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Licorice Cookie Toppings Build – Cookie Run Kingdom

Among the many Epic Cookies available to you in Cookie Run Kingdom is Licorice, which you can use to boost your team’s performance. His strength makes him an excellent Cookie to create and prioritize in the early game before you can uncover any Legendary Cookies to put in your team. However, what are the best toppings and techniques to construct Licorice so that you can get the most out of him are not well known. Let’s have a look at this!

Licorice Cookie – Cookie Run Kingdom

Licorice Cookie Toppings Build – Cookie Run Kingdom

Despite the fact that Licorice is classed as a ‘Magic’ Cookie in the game, he is much more than just that. His equipment allows him to be deemed a Tank as well as a Buffer because of how powerful it is.

Licorice Cookie Skill Info

Black lightning and Licorice Servants are summoned by this spell. The powerful spell temporarily boosts the defenses of the entire group.

  • Damage dealt in a single hit: 416.1 percent Summons Licorice Servants, each of whom has a 5 percent attack bonus, 150 percent defiance, and 50% health.
  • For 7 seconds, you’ll have a 20 percent increase in defiance.

Best Licorice Cookie Toppings

When it comes to deciding the toppings to purchase for Licorice, we recommend investing in a complete cooldown set of ingredients. With the increased cooldown percentage, you will be able to cast his spell more frequently, resulting in more damage being dealt. The defensive bonus is also a wonderful addition, as it will offer you more uptime with the minions that spawn.

Swift Chocolate Topping (five times)

If you’re still not clear on how the cooldown percentage works, consider the following example. It is true that the higher your cooldown percentage is, the shorter your spell cast timer becomes. When you have a large number of spells available, the greater damage and tackiness you can deliver to your team. Swift Chocolate Toppings are by far the most potent toppings to add on a Licorice Cookie, and they are also the most expensive.

How to get Licorice Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you don’t already own Licorice and want to include him on your team, you’ll have to rely on a little amount of good fortune. When playing the game, you’ll have a 0.05 percent chance of unlocking Licorice using the Gatha system, which you’ll have to go through in order to do so. It will cost you 300 Crystals to pull a lever in the Gatha machine. You can earn Crystals by paying for them or by just playing the game. Unfortunately, everything is dependent on the luck of the draw. Wishing you the best of luck!

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The Magic Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom can be used in a variety of ways. They have the buffs to help their team, the survivability to help their teammates, and the ability to be DPS heroes as well as support characters. Because of this, gamers are frequently perplexed as to which toppings will work best with their chosen pizza crust.

Players can analyze what they want from specific Cookies and make decisions based on that assessment, even if there are no toppings that work well with Magic Cookies across the board. This article will instruct players on how to make Licorice Cookie more effective for various Cookie Run: Kingdom runs by following the recommendations.


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