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League of Pantheons Tier List – Reroll And Heroes Guide

Are you looking for a tier list that includes the greatest characters in League of Pantheons, as well as a reroll guide? Look no further. We’ve got you covered, believe it or not. In this post, we’ll show you not just a ranked list of the game’s top characters, but also how to get started with a reroll guide to get you up and running quickly. When you play the game, you can utilize this list to ensure that you only select the greatest characters each time you play it. Tier S is the best, and tier D is the worst, in terms of the characters in this list, which are rated from best to worst.

League Of Pantheons Tier List & Reroll Guide

As previously said, the S tier of this League of Pantheons list contains the most memorable characters from the game. These are the characters who will assist you in achieving your goals anytime you require their assistance. Furthermore, these characters will assist you in making faster progress through the game.

A Tier

Characters at the A-tier are also quite good. The only reason these characters do not make it into the S tier is due of a couple of minor flaws in their design. Do not be fooled, though, since these individuals are more than capable of guiding you through even the most difficult of situations.


B Tier

The B tier characters are somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. This group of characters is neither the finest nor the worst of the game’s characters. They are serviceable if you plan on upgrading in the near future.


C Tier

Characters of the C-Tier are, at best, mediocre. These characters are barely a notch or two above the game’s lowest-ranking characters. Except if you want to instantly upgrade to better characters, we do not advised that you play with these characters.


D Tier

As previously stated, the D tier of characters in League of Pantheons is comprised of the poorest of the worst. We do not recommend that you make use of these characters in any way.

DDark Lord
DMagma Fiend

That’s all there is to it. League of Pantheons’ greatest characters were ranked in this order, according to our ranking system. Please take a moment to review the Reroll Guide for this particular game.

League of Pantheons Reroll Guide

To do a reroll in League of Pantheons, you must first ensure that the game is currently active. Sign in with a Guest Account and then click on the Profile icon to complete the process. Now, navigate to the Settings menu. From here, go to Redeem Pack and type the code LOP999 into the box. Go to your inventory and summon the Revelation Summon Scroll if you’ve completed this step successfully. The method must be repeated over and again until the character of your choosing has been obtained.

That’s all there is to it. You, too, will be able to conduct rerolls in League of Pantheons if you follow these simple instructions. Now that you’ve learned how to do so, take a look at our Tier Lists for the games you enjoy playing.

How to Get Valkyrie for Free in League of Pantheons

The user interface in League of Pantheons is very complex and difficult to navigate. On the main page, there are hundreds of buttons, which might make it difficult to see what you’re doing and make it more difficult to get a lot of free goods. You are eligible to claim a free Valkyrie unit that is hidden somewhere in there, and considering how high she is positioned on the tier list for the League of Pantheons, you are going to want to acquire her.

To get Valkyrie, just continue playing the game as you normally would. You won’t have to wait long after you finish the lesson and perform a number of free pulls before you reach a level where you unlock Valkyrie for free. You can then use this unlock to upgrade the Valkyrie that you should have obtained via the reroll procedure.

After that, if you check in before the conclusion of the eight-day promotion period, you’ll be eligible to get a five-star Jormungand hero absolutely free of charge. Because she is ranked even higher than Valkyrie on the League of Pantheons tier list, it is essential for players who are trying to get off to the best possible start to acquire her.

Check out our tier list for the AFK Arena to see more character rankings much like this one. That is a game with some similarities. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, the tier list for Awaken: Chaos Era could just convince you to give something a go that obviously draws influence from the notorious Raid: Shadow Legends tier list as well.

How Do I Reroll in League of Pantheons? – League of Pantheons Reroll Guide and Steps

  • Join the game by logging in.
  • After selecting Profile, Settings, and then Redeem Pack from the menu, enter LOP999 into the box that appears.
  • Proceed to your inventory and keep using the Revelation Summon Scroll Resummon until you receive the desired result. Valkyrie

The process of rerolling in League of Pantheons is rather straightforward. If you have even the slightest idea where to search, that is. Although the game provides you with a handful of single summons immediately at the beginning of the game, it is probable that they are fixed for the purpose of the tutorial. Rerolling simply deleting your account, as is the case with the vast majority of mobile gacha games, is not really a practical option considering that there is no simple method to get 2,000 gems for a ten-pull in a short amount of time.

Instead, you will need to enter a promotion code in order to reroll in League of Pantheons. In order to get a Revelation Summon Scroll after the tutorial has been completed, enter the code LOP999 into the code redemption screen. Because of this, you will have the ability to reroll a fixed banner an unlimited number of times until you get the outcome you want.

You should immediately reroll your League of Pantheons deck in order to increase your chances of obtaining at least one Valkyrie. You may give it a go for a moment, but doing so might be time-consuming. Confirm the reroll, and then continue with the game after you are satisfied with the outcomes.

League of Pantheons Tier List – Reroll And Heroes Guide


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