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League of Legends: When Does Season 6 End

Season 12 of League of Legends will come to a close at some point in the future, just like every other season. Even though none of us have even come close to our ultimate positions, it is still important to keep in mind that the rankings will soon be closed. Many players make the mistake of thinking that their actions don’t matter and that there is still time for them to reach gold, diamond, or challenger status. This is a common misconception that leads to frustration and loss of motivation.

The truth is that each day brings that end-of-season gate closer, so it’s important to focus on what’s important – working our way to the top of the ladder! When exactly will the 12th season of League of Legends come to an end?

When Does League of Legends Season 12 End?

Although we do not know the specific date, the conclusion of the 12th season of League of Legends is anticipated to take place on or around November 10th, 2022. And this is mostly due to the two factors listed below.

Past Seasons of League of Legends

To begin, League of Legends operates on a pretty straightforward system that is maintained year after year. Every season begins sometime around January 10 for us. And we keep playing right up to the beginning of November or the middle of the month. Since the beginning of the game, when its rules were first defined, this has always been the case. Let’s take a look back at how the seasons started and ended in the years that have passed!

Season – 1

Start – July 13, 2010

End – August 23, 2011

Season – 2

Start – November 29, 2011

End – November 12, 2012

Season – 3

Start – February 1, 2013

End – November 11, 2013

Season – 4

Start – January 10, 2014

End – November 11, 2014

Season – 5

Start – January 21, 2015

End – November 11, 2015

Season – 6

Start – January 20, 2016

End – November 8, 2016

Season – 7

Start – December 8, 2016

End – November 7, 2017

Season – 8

Start – January 16, 2018

End – November 12, 2018

Season – 9

Start – January 23, 2019

End – November 7, 2019

Season – 10

Start – January 23, 2020

End – November 10, 2020

Season – 11

Start – January 8, 2021

End – November 10, 2021

As can be seen, the League of Legends ranked bracket has always followed the same basic structure, with the exception of the very first few seasons. We receive almost 11 months worth of seasonal League of Legends content, which is equivalent to about 330 days on average. Given that this system works well with Riot Games’ Esports timetable, there is no need for Riot Games to ever alter it.

League of Legends Esports Scene

League of Legends: When does Season 6 end

There are three distinct actions that occur during the course of a year on the professional League of Legends circuit. To begin, each season is divided into two halves, or splits, which are played one after the other with a little break in between each one. In addition, throughout these splits, players are competing to win their respective regions and earn a spot in the World Championship, which is the culmination of the competition.

So, there is something known as the Spring Split, which takes place between the months of winter and spring. The next step is the Summer Split, which takes place during the warm summer months. The League of Legends World Championship comes to a close, which typically begins at the end of September and continues through the month of October.

When Worlds comes to a close, it will effectively be the conclusion of the season. Following the conclusion of the main storyline, we will have around two more weeks of solo queue ranked time until the ladder is finally locked. After that, the professional players have a rest before beginning to prepare for the next season. Because of this, it is anticipated that the 12th season would wrap up on November 10th, 2022.

What is Going to Happen When the LoL Season 12 Ends?

However, at the conclusion of each season of League of Legends, Riot Games hands out awards to players that are determined by how well they performed throughout that particular season. You should know that there will be something for you as well, regardless of your level, even if you are a new player and have never participated in the annual gifts before.

League of Legends Season 12 Rewards

The Victorious skin is the most prominent of all of the awards that are given to players on an annual basis. After the conclusion of a particular season, it will no longer be possible to get this skin since it can only be awarded to players who have achieved the level of gold or above.

Each year, the Victorious skin is created for a single champion, and it is often awarded to a champion who has had a significant impact on that season’s meta. These champions have been either Sivir, Morgana, or Graves during the course of the year. But the most recent one is Victorious Lucian, which comes from season 10. Any player of League of Legends would do well to get this skin because of its notoriety and value.

Other types of rewards include profile borders, profile banners, and Summoner Icons. The answer to each question is determined by the rank you have achieved. In the event that you finished the season in the Platinum tier, you will be awarded a Platinum border, banner, symbol, and so on. If you’ve participated in the activities, you’ll also be eligible to get Clash Icons and banners as part of the awards.

And as a last note, there are awards that are determined by your current Honor level. These include key shards, random ward skins and emote skins, and random emote skins. The quality of these items is determined on your current level.


League of Legends will next go on to the preseason phase when we have finished collecting the awards that are due to us for our hard work. Preseason 13 will then get underway shortly after the conclusion of season 12.

It is at this period that Riot Games will implement the most significant improvements to the game. As a result of the fact that ranked performance does not carry since much weight (as the rankings are cleared out at the beginning of each season), the creators are free to experiment with new elements for the games. The most recent two big adjustments were made to the Elemental Dragons and Mythic Items, respectively, during the preseasons of 2019 and 2020, respectively. When the current season of League of Legends eventually comes to a close, who can say what we have to look forward to?

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