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Lana Rhoades Deletes Twitter Account After Allegedly 'Rug Pulling' Her NFT Project

Lana Rhoades Deletes Twitter Account After Allegedly ‘Rug Pulling’ Her NFT Project

Lana Rhoades, an adult film actress who has a big following on social media, had her Twitter account abruptly erased on Thursday, presumably by herself, after she sent a series of tweets in which she protested criticism of her NFT project, CryptoSis.

As a result of the fact that monies from the mint have been cashed out and Rhoades has said that she may now delete her Discord app and distance herself from the project, some people have suggested that the CryptoSis NFT project is a rug pull. As of the present day, the Discord group dedicated to the project is still actively being used.

On OpenSea, the floor price for Rhoades’ NFTs is now set at 0.01 ETH ($26), which is a significant discount from their initial mint price of 0.1 ETH ($261)

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a novel kind of blockchain token that may be used to prove ownership of an item, most often digital artwork. Rhoades touted her CryptoSis idea on her verified Instagram account, which has 16.8 million followers, and on her now-defunct Twitter account, which had 1.5 million followers. Both of these accounts have since been removed.

Lana Rhoades Deletes Twitter Account After Allegedly 'Rug Pulling' Her NFT Project

Rhoades said that she intended to make her NFT project “a rewarding investment for holders” and that “increasing the value” of her NFTs was her major objective in the social media messages that she published on her personal account. She also offered other holders privileges such as direct connections with her and other “CryptoSis models” in the “metaverse,” exclusive access to future drops, and actual items.

However, things have not precisely gone according to the plans that were made. On the beginning, Rhoades said in the official Discord channel associated with her NFT project that “we will probably sell out rapidly.”

In January, Rhoades continued to assure her community that her NFTs would be worth something by saying, “The value is going to grow far up over the following several months.” Rhoades’s promise was that her NFTs will increase significantly in value. She gave the people assurance by saying “this is only the beginning of the brand.”

After the collection did not really sell out immediately, the total number of items in the collection was first cut to 6,969, and then it was reduced once more to 6,069 in order to enhance the likelihood of it doing so. On the 22nd of January, Rhoades wrote an article in which she attempted to reassure her community, saying, “We will be sold out by tomorrow and starting on the next step of the plan.”

Rhoades initially assured the members of her community that her endeavour would prove to be a “lucrative investment.” However, on Wednesday, she pulled back that assertion and said that she lacked confidence in her ability to “turn this investment around” or “make people benefit.” It looked as if she was also giving up on her personal NFT project, since she said that it was the responsibility of her community to contribute in some way to the value of the project moving forward.

Rhoades released a series of furious tweets before deactivating her account, which was allegedly in reaction to a movie uploaded to YouTube by Coffeezilla in which the latter referred to Rhoades’ CryptoSis project as a rug pull. Rhoades referred to YouTube content creators as “sickos” and said, “I have never and will never swindle anybody, I don’t need to.”

Rhoades responded by saying, “Trust I want nothing more to do with the space than I already do” in response to a commenter on Twitter who told her to “stop conducting NFTs.”

Rhoades gave the impression that she would be retaining the money that was gained from the project’s mint, citing the fact that she needed to compensate the people who worked on the creation of the initiative. She has said that the NFT community’s Discord would be changed so that only holders will be able to use it, however it is unknown to what degree she will participate in the platform going forward.

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