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Keyboard Shortcuts For Roblox

Roblox is a platform for online represent that enables users to play, create, and represent themselves as anything their imaginations can conjure up. Object-oriented programming is the coding methodology used for game development. We’ll walk you through some of the most common and helpful keyboard shortcuts for Roblox, complete with represent of each one.

Movement Shortcuts:

W or
It is used to move forward
S or
This key will move backward
A or
Helps to move left
D or
Used to move right
SpaceThis shortcut key will help to jump

Accessories Shortcuts:

1–9It opens the equip tools
1–9This key will help to show the unequip tools
BackspaceIt is used to drop tool
This key will use the tool
+Helps to drop hats

Menu Items shortcuts:

EscUsed to show the Roblox menu
~It helps to Backpack
TabThis key will show the player list
/It is used to Chat

Camera shortcuts:

IHelps to Zoom in
OIt is used to Zoom Out
This key will helps to Zoom in/out

Used to rotate

Misc Shortcuts:

Print ScreenIt is used to take Screenshot
F12It helps to record video
F9This key will Dev console
ShiftUsed to the mouse lock
F10It will show the Graphics level
F11This key will show the fullscreen
RIt will reset the character
LThis key will show the level of the game
EscIt helps to resume the game


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