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JLab Right or Left Earbud Not Working – How To Fix

One of the most typical problems encountered is that just one side of the headphones works. A significant number of JLab customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the functionality of either their right or left earpiece. This issue might have been brought on by a variety of factors, including incorrect initial setup, difficulty with pairing, battery depletion, or ultimately a failure in the hardware.

As a result, we need to test out a few different approaches to problem solving. This article provides a list of fast and simple solutions to solve any issues with your JLab earphones. In the event that one of your earbuds is malfunctioning, this advice should be followed in either circumstance. Additionally, these fixes are compatible with each and every version of the JLab earphones.

1. Reset the Troubling Earbud

Please reset the earbud that is not functioning properly. The reset technique could be different across different versions of JLab. Nevertheless, this approach is standard for everyone;

  • Take both earbuds out of their case and switch off the Bluetooth on all of the devices in the immediate area.
  • By keeping your finger on the touch sensor for a few seconds, you may manually turn off the earphones.
  • At this point, you need to touch and hold both of the earphones until the light indication turns on.
  • At this time, you should let go of the earbud that is functioning, but you should continue to hang on to the one that isn’t working for a few more seconds.
  • Once the blue or white light begins flashing on the earphone, you are free to remove the grip.
  • If doing this does not make a difference, you should go on to the next possible option.

2. Reset Both Earbuds

Resetting both of your JLab earphones is the first step, and it’s the one that will have the largest impact. Please be sure not to miss any of the steps that are outlined here;

  • After turning off both sets of earphones, place them inside the charging case with the lid slightly ajar.
  • Now, on your mobile device, go to the Settings > Bluetooth menu.
  • You may “forget” your JLab earphones by tapping the name of the headphones on the smartphone. Depending on the type of your phone, you will be given the choice to either “Forget,” “Unpair,” “Disconnect,” or “Remove” the device.
  • Tap one of the earphones in a rapid and repetitive manner for between four and seven times, or until it flashes blue three times, depending on which comes first.
  • Proceed in the same manner with the second earbud while maintaining both of them in the container designed for charging.
  • Take them out of the case and place them at a distance of two inches apart from one another. Now, re-establish the connection between them and your mobile device.
  • There are a few distinct versions of JLab earphones, and each one may have a somewhat unique procedure for resetting.
  • If you discover that this technique of resetting your earphones does not work for you, you may visit the JLab website to learn the unique procedure to reset your earbuds.

3. Recharge the Troubling Earbud

Charge the earbud that is currently not functioning. Because it is possible that it did not obtain the appropriate charge. Whenever you are charging your earbuds, you need to check to see that they are securely contacting the contact point.

It is possible for the earbud to be positioned in the casing at an angle other than 90 degrees at times. Therefore, it does not generate sufficient revenue. Make sure you properly follow the charging instructions.

Place the earbud into the charging case, secure the top, and allow it to charge for the allotted half an hour. After that, give it a go and see whether it will switch on, then link both of the headphones with your Bluetooth device.

A user provided a one-of-a-kind tip that was successful in resolving the issue. In the event that your left earbud is defective, you should swap it with the right earbud and store it in the charging case.

Turn it around and see if you can make it fit. Hold on to it there for a while, and then relocate it to the location more suitable for it. It will begin charging, and there is a chance that it may start working again.

4. Clean the Earbuds

In the event that either the left or right earbud is activated but does not produce sound, the speakers are being obstructed by anything. Therefore, the apparatus requires a careful cleaning.

A toothbrush, paintbrush, or cosmetics brush that has been well cleaned and is brand new may be used for a straightforward cleaning approach. Dust may be removed from the speaker grill by moving it carefully over the surface.

Sucking on the defective earpiece is another another solution to the problem. This strategy is really helpful, as seen by the number of people it assisted. Earwax may get trapped in your earphones, which explains why this happens.

Over time, it accumulates within and creates a barrier for the sound. Therefore, sucking may get rid of the wax.

Additionally, clean the charging ports and contact points located on the casing. Because they are susceptible to dirt and other particles as well.

5. Check for the Physical Damage

The problem should be fixed when the device is reset and recharged. On the other hand, if neither the right nor the left earbud works, this suggests that there is physical damage. They are either on the floor or in the water since you dropped them. The sensitive components are susceptible to harm if they are dropped upon the hard surface.

They are no longer able to communicate with one another. If you give your earbud a little tap with one finger, you may be able to get the components to rejoin. A great number of consumers discovered that by reestablishing the connection using this method, they could get their gadget to function again.

Despite this, water and moisture are both destructive to your gadget. The most common cause of this is handling your earphones with moist hands or inserting them into ears that are already damp. If it has come into touch with water, make sure your earbud is completely dry. Place the earbud, which has been covered in a gentle fabric, in direct sunshine for a period of time.

There is a really helpful method that involves placing the earbud in a jar of silica gel for a period of 12 hours or overnight. After that, determine whether or not it is functioning properly.

6. Contact the Manufacturer

This guide contains a number of potential remedies that are said to be able to fix the problem. However, if your earphones are physically broken or have hardware that isn’t working properly, you should contact the manufacturer.

However, the damage should not be attributed to your actions but rather to a defect in the production process. If the earphones are still under warranty, you should ask to have them repaired or replaced.

In the event that you broke your earphones by mistake, you should get them fixed by a professional in your area. If the price of repairs is going to be prohibitive for you, you may want to look into getting brand new JLab earphones instead.

We hope that you were able to repair your JLab right or left earbud by following the instructions in this tutorial. Continue to remain in contact with us and provide comments on a regular basis.

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