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Is The iPhone XR Waterproof Or Water Resistant?

Do you still need a phone cover that protects your iPhone from water? In addition to enhancements to Apple’s iOS software and improved photographic capabilities, the newest iPhone model, the iPhone XR, offers a waterproof certification of IP67. This seems like a wonderful option for those who are bold enough to bring their brand new phone to the beach or pool. However, the iPhone XR is not totally waterproof as of yet, so you shouldn’t assume that it can withstand all of your water-related activities just yet.

Despite being the most affordable option for 2018, the iPhone XR includes a price tag that ranges from $749 to $899, making it a bit of an expensive purchase. The new iPhone XR, in the words of Apple itself, is “Brilliant. In every aspect.” The new iPhone XR comes equipped with a larger 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display and a slew of other innovative features. Much like the brand-new iPhone Xs and Xs Max, the iPhone XR has a more powerful processor and a longer battery life, and its glass and aluminium casing are even more scratch-resistant than those of earlier iPhone models. Premium build and capabilities, together with a variety of eye-catching colour options, should result in a smartphone that is more durable and has a longer shelf life. When you take into account all of these characteristics, a gadget that is so powerful and robust can convince some individuals that the expensive price is worth paying. The iPhone has gone a long way, particularly in terms of processing power and longevity, particularly when compared to early iterations of the device.

The new iPhone XR is water and dust resistant to an IP67 standard, much like previous iterations of the iPhone. When it comes to IP ratings, Catalyst is an old pro. For those of you who aren’t up to speed, “IP” stands for “ingress protection,” which is a level of protection against microscopic materials and particles that come from the outside of your device. The iPhone XR has been given a grade of IP67, which indicates that it has been tested to resist dust, water, and splashes in a controlled laboratory environment. This usually refers to one metre of water over a period of half an hour. As a consequence of this, the iPhone XR does not quite achieve the same level of waterproofing as the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. This puts it at around the same degree of resistance as the iPhone X that came before it, and maybe even more than the iPhone 8 or 7.

Even while the iPhone XR is considered to be “excellent” in every aspect, it does not guarantee to protect its user from the elements in every possible way. In addition to protecting your $899 investment from most dust, splashes, and water up to one metre deep for a short period of time, you should also consider purchasing a case for your device. It’s possible that even a little amount of water damage might render both you and your iPhone XR completely useless.

How to Protect Your iPhone XR

The displays and housings of smartphones have gone a long way from the days when they were fragile and difficult to use. One good illustration of these advancements in durability is seen in the most recent iteration of the iPhone. It is a testament to the power of modern technology that an iPhone can continue to function normally after being submerged in water for half an hour. When we go to the beach, many of us put our phones inside cheap plastic bags to protect them from the sand, water, and other elements that might easily cause harm to older generations of the iPhone. Devices with the increased degree of water and dust protection known as IP67 and IP68 are a step up from those that only had protection up to the IP65 standard.

Lab testing has shown that IP67 provides the second greatest level of protection against dust and water. If your iPhone XR has this grade, it can withstand water damage from splashes and rain, as well as accidental dips into sinks and toilets. A brief submersion in a pool with shallow water may also not compromise its use. You can find several iPhone torture tests online, in which iPhones are submerged in a variety of liquids, including water, soda, beer, and others. Every major smartphone company, from Apple to Samsung and beyond, is gradually moving toward adopting more advanced waterproofing features as the industry standard.

But don’t let it fool you into believing that your iPhone is immune to water damage in any circumstance. Always keep in mind that the iPhone XR does not include a waterproof design but rather water resistance. For those who do not have phone cases, the days of putting their wet phones in sacks of rice for the night may not be finished just yet. Even though iPhones have rather good seals, there are still access spots for water on the phone, whether it comes via the charging port, the speaker components, or some other way. Water may get in through any of these entry points.

The iPhone XR should not be submerged in water deeper than the suggested depth of one metre, and there is still a possibility of harm while participating in other types of activities that include water. If that danger isn’t enough to scare you off, Apple also recommends that you don’t show too much confidence while you’re holding your iPhone near water:

Additionally, Apple has acknowledged that the iPhone XR’s water resistance may lose additional functionality over time. Without a casing that provides enough drop protection, it is possible for drops and damage to open up microscopic breaches through which water might enter, so causing harm to the delicate electronics within. Even if the iPhone is not instantly damaged, charging it while it is wet may still be terrible, permanently damaging your $899 investment in electrical equipment. iPhones, despite their very high level of technology, are not invulnerable devices (yet).

Even though your iPhone XR may initially be able to withstand splashes or even complete submersion, continuous wear and tear may cause both your phone and wallet to get damaged. Considering how expensive it is to repair or replace either device, this may be a costly mistake. An iPhone XR can only withstand a certain amount of damage before it becomes clearly defective. This includes damage caused by drops, scratches, bends, and submersion. In an ideal world, you would have a case over your phone to protect it from ongoing harm to its general structure. This is more logical than expecting an iPhone to be secure on its own without any additional protections.

Although the iPhone XR is unquestionably more durable than previous generations of iPhones, this does not imply that it is invulnerable to damage. Fortunately, cases are now considered the standard, and many instances provide protection that is far more than the bare minimum protection that may be determined by laboratory testing. Because of this, you will be able to bring some of your favourite electronic gadgets with you on all of your travels. Despite the fact that covers add some extra thickness to already sleek handsets, the additional protection they provide may make all the difference in maintaining the appearance and functionality of your brand new iPhone XR. You have a lot of options to choose from if you want to maintain the pristine appearance of your iPhone.

What to look for in an iPhone XR waterproof case

Because there are so many different robust cases available, it may be difficult to determine which ones are the very best. Even though the majority of cases provide at least some degree of surface or drop protection against day-to-day damage, it is possible that this level of protection will not be sufficient to keep your pricey iPhone XR completely secure from all types of damage. Cases that are drop resistant and waterproof add a little bit of width and weight to iPhones and other devices, but it’s a necessary trade-off to safeguard your investment. Drop proof and waterproof cases are available.

One other thing to keep in mind is that not all cases provide the same level of protection. Although many cases are compliant with the IP68 standard, the majority of phone cases offer just a marginal improvement in protection when compared to an iPhone that is not covered by a case. Very few people are able to dive deeper than two metres for extended periods of time. Additionally, you should seek for a cover for your iPhone XR that does not make it more difficult for you to utilise the device. When you use certain cases, the OLED display screen becomes more difficult to view, the camera lens becomes noticeably darker, the speakers get more muffled, and the buttons become less responsive.

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