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Is Serena Williams Brother Dylan Starr Williams Also A Tennis Prodigy?

Dylan Starr Williams is well-known in the public eye due to the fact that tennis greats Serena Williams and Venus Williams are his half-sisters. His sister Venus was the first African American woman to reach the top spot in the singles rankings in the Open Era. She did it in the singles competition. On the other side, his sister Serena is the recipient of the honour that is known as the Serena Slam.

In addition to his sisters, his father, Richard Williams, is well-known in the tennis world as a coach because of the tenacity and determination with which he helped shape his two daughters into the successful people they are today. In point of fact, the elderly guy is the subject of the biopic King Richard, which features the brilliant Will Smith in the role that he played in life. The film received a total of six nominations for Academy Awards, and Will Smith took home the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture. On the other hand, it was unfortunately overshadowed by Smith and Rock’s catastrophe, which sent shockwaves more than the Russia-Ukraine War did.

Now, turning our attention back to Dylan, how old is he? Who is his mother again? Is his son going to follow in his father Richard Williams’ footsteps and become a professional tennis player? The text that follows will enlighten us on all of this information.

Dylan Starr William’s Age and Other Early Details

Dylan Starr Richard Williams was born in the United States of America in the month of August in the year 2012. The youngster is now 9 years old and will have his 10th birthday celebration in August of this year.

Similarly, Dylan is the sole child of former tennis coach Richard Williams and his third ex-wife Lakeisha Graham. Lakeisha Graham was Richard Williams’ third wife. In terms of his racial background, the rising star is of African American descent, and his parents and siblings all adhere to the Jehovah’s Witness faith (different than mainstream Christianity).

Dylan Starr Williams Parents’ Marriage

2010 was the year that Richard and Lakeisha, Dylan’s parents, officially tied the knot. According to the reports, his biological father, Richard, did not meet his mother until seven years after he finalised his divorce from his second ex-wife, Oracene Price, who was also the mother of Williams’s sisters. Documentation pertaining to Lakeisha’s vehicle registration was discovered at the time at Richard’s home as well.

Is Serena Williams Brother Dylan Starr Williams Also A Tennis Prodigy?

Dylan dad and step-mom The Graham family, including Dylan’s father and his ex-wife Lakeisha.
His grandfather Richard Williams was 69 years old when he and his mother Lakeisha Graham tied the knot. Lakeisha Graham was 32 years old when she became his mother. It goes without saying that his mother was his father’s third marriage, but just in case:

Despite the significant age difference between them, the two were in a happy relationship for a number of years. But things between the two of them didn’t work out for a long time, and in the end, they chose to go in different directions.

The question now is, what precipitated the divorce of his parents? Let’s find out.

Dylan’s Father and Mother’s Turbulent Divorce

Dylan had only just turned 5 years old when his parents divorced when it happened. In 2017, after being married for seven years, his parents finally decided to end their marriage. His grandfather, known as “King” Richard Williams, was accused of trying to transfer his possessions into his wife’s name and accused of forgery by his wife.

Lakeisha, on the other hand, responded by counterattacking his assertion and confessing that she had copied his signature because he had instructed her to do so. In a similar fashion, Richard divulged the information that she was having an extramarital affair with a guy who is a felon.

In the meanwhile, Dylan’s mother, Lakeisha Graham, has accused her husband of voyeurism for checking up on black ladies while driving through a low-income area. Similarly, the situation between them became even more tense when she brought one of her stepdaughters, Serena Williams by name, into the altercation. She said that the tennis player had warned her that the lock would be changed if she and her kid did not leave her father’s property as soon as possible.

Who Won The Custody Of Their Son Dylan?

Because the legal dispute between his parents is still going on, and there is a possibility that it could be prolonged as well, you might be anxious about who will end up with custody of him. Now, moving on to other matters, the whole settlement has not yet been reached, and given that Dylan is still a juvenile, the judge will make the decision on his behalf. And since August of 2016, the nine-year-old kid has been living with his grandfather Richard Williams.

Teeny Tiny Age Gap Between Dylan’s Mom and Sister Venus Williams

It may seem odd, but Dylan’s mother is really just one year older than his half-sister Venus Williams. This is a startling fact. You may also have noted, based on the information presented so far, that his parents, Richard Williams and Lakeisha Graham, are separated by a span of 37 years from one another. Additionally, it is possible that this is the root cause of the couple’s basic compatibility troubles.

Dylan Starr Williams’ Siblings

Dylan is the sole kid to come from the union of his parents, however he has eight half-siblings on his father’s side of the family. Sabrina, Richard the Third, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka are his siblings from his father’s first marriage, which was to Betty Johnson. He also has a half-sister named Reneeka. In a similar vein, tennis greats Venus Williams and Serena Williams are Dylan’s full sisters, while Dylan is their half brother.

In a similar vein, his mother had an affair outside of wedlock, which resulted in the birth of his half-brother.

His Celebrity Sisters Serena Williams and Venus Williams

The Williams sisters have left their imprint on the annals of sports history with their combined total of 30 grand slam victories and their status as past no. 1 players in the rankings maintained by the Women’s Tennis Association. Venus Williams, Serena Williams’ older sister, has won 49 single titles, won four gold medals, and was ranked as the third highest-paid athlete in Forbes magazine in 2021. This is in comparison to Serena Williams, who has won 73 single titles, won four gold medals at the Olympics, and was ranked as the second highest-paid athlete in 2021.

An unguarded recollection from the Williams sisters

The Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, pose with their respective trophies together.
Due to injuries sustained in their legs and hamstrings, respectively, tennis greats Venus and Serena Williams were unable to compete in this year’s Australian Open 2022.

His Dad King Richard Doesn’t Want Him To Be a Tennis Player

In contrast to Dylan’s sisters, Dylan’s father does not encourage his son to pursue a career in tennis. Dylan did not follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in athletics, despite the fact that both of his girls decided to do so and were highly successful.

However, he does not want his son to pursue a career as a footballer because he wants his kid to become wealthy and add a few more zeroes to the amount of money that his daughters are making. In point of fact, he hopes that one day his son will be in a position to be able to support the sponsorships of prominent sportsmen. According to the movie King Richard, did he already come up with a strategy for his kid, just as he had a 78-page strategy for his daughters?

To answer your question, the answer is yes! According to The New Yorker, Richard Starr Williams has already mapped out potential mining areas for his son Dylan Starr Williams in the event that he wants the latter to follow in his footsteps and become a goldsmith. In addition to that, he is prepared with a backup strategy. He indicated that if the original strategy does not go according to plan, then he wants his son to study a wide variety of commodities in order to be able to make better transactions in the market.

Dylan’s Dad Richard Williams’s Health Issues

His father, Richard Williams, suffers from heart disease and has, to this day, overcome a number of strokes. Because of this, he is unable to talk very clearly at the moment. In addition, his health has worsened as a result of his suffering from a disorder that causes permanent damage to the brain as well as dementia. Many others, on the other hand, were of the opinion that the reason he was in such a bad condition of health was because of problems with his third wife.

Dylan Starr Williams’s Net Worth

Dylan is still in elementary school and has a ways to go before he matures and launches his professional life. On the other hand, his father Richard Williams owns a total of $10 million in assets. On the other side, his mother Lakeisha Graham has a million dollars worth of assets thanks to the grocery shop she owns and operates.

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