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Is Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV? [Solved]

Being a user of an LG smart TV, it is really frustrating to discover that Paramount Plus is not working on it. We anticipate that the majority of users will be affected by the problems.

In fact, it has risen to the top of the list of the most frequently encountered issues by LG smart TV owners. It is possible to rectify the situation by following the methods outlined below.

It appears that a solution has not yet been found for this problem: What should I do if Paramount Plus is not working on my LG Smart TV?

Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV?

To resolve the problem of Paramount Plus not working on your LG Smart TV, simply restart your LG TV. It is necessary to unplug your TV from the wall and press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds in order to perform a power cycle. Wait another 60 seconds before plugging in your television.

The majority of the time, this will resolve your Paramount Plus Not Working problem. If the remedy described above does not work, there are other options that may be available to you to help you resolve the problem.

Power Cycle your LG TV

Despite the fact that it will appear crazy to you, removing the power socket from the wall will resolve the Paramount Plus Not Working issue.

Eventually, it resolved the issue with Apps not functioning on a television.

Is Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV? [Solved]

To begin, unplug the power cord from your television’s wall outlet and wait for 60 seconds.

Press and hold the Power button on your television for 30 seconds after the 60-second countdown has ended.

As soon as you push the Power button, your thoughts will turn to what will happen next. In reality, it consumes the remaining power supply on your television. That indicates that you are doing a soft reset on your LG Smart TV.

After that, reconnect the power cord and turn on your LG television. Now, the Paramount Plus will be fully functional again.

Factory Reset LG Smart TV

Despite this, Paramount Plus does not function properly on the LG Smart TV. Then you must attempt to factory reset your television.

To reset your LG television, follow these steps: To access the Settings, press the Home Button on your keyboard. After that, click All Settings and then move on to the General Options section of the menu. Reset to Initial Settings is an option that can be found in this menu.

Once you have selected the Reset option, you will be prompted to enter the password you wish to use to reset your account. If you’ve created a password for it, type it in here.

In the event that you haven’t already, create a password for it. The result will be either 0 0 0 or 1 2 3 4 at that point.

That’s all there is to it. Your factory reset process will now begin and will be completed within a short period of time. Reinstall the software, as well as the Paramount Plus.

Reinstall Paramount+ App

In the event that the solutions listed above do not work for you. After that, try reinstalling the application.

To uninstall the Paramount Plus App, tap the Home button and then select the paramount plus App from the list. Now, with your cursor, select Edit mode from the drop-down menu. You can locate a cross button near the top of the screen; simply tap on it. It will remove the application from the LG TV.

You can now watch Paramount Plus on your LG TV by downloading it from the LG content store. Simply search for paramount Plus and download it.

Look For Paramount Plus Servers are Down

By following the steps outlined above, you can rest assured that paramount Plus will function properly on your LG Smart TV. You are still experiencing difficulties.

After that, you must determine whether or not the Paramount Plus servers are offline.

There is a possibility that the servers are not functioning properly on their end. As a result, you must monitor official social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. When it comes to the server troubles, they will be upgrading on a regular basis.

You can also check the Down Detector website to see if there are any outages.

Update your LG TV

If there is no outage currently occurring on the Paramount Plus, you will need to monitor for updates on the LG smart television. On the current release, there have been some bug fixes that have been implemented.

The most recent Firmware update will address all of the bugs and provide new functions to your LG television set.

On your LG TV Remote, press the “Home Button” to navigate to the “settings–>All Settings.” Scroll down to the bottom of the list and pick “General,” after which you will find “About This TV” on the next list. To see whether there are any updates, click on Check for Updates. If an update is found, select “Update” to apply it.

As soon as the update is complete, your LG Smart TV will reboot automatically. Use Paramount Plus instead, and everything should work perfectly.

In the meanwhile, keep an eye out for an update to the Paramount Plus App. If you’ve discovered an update for it, simply apply it.


Why Won’t paramount play on my LG TV?

There are several LG TV models that are not supported by Paramount Plus. It is only compatible with models running webOS 4.0 or above. Make sure that the LG TV models you are using have a WebOS version that is higher than 4.0. The majority of LG TV Models were purchased after the year 2018.

Does LG TV have a Paramount Network?

Yes, paramount Plus is available on the LG TV models that are Higher the WebOS 4.0 and the latest models bought after 2018.


There are a variety of options available for resolving the Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV issue. If you are experiencing any problems with your LG Smart TV, you can resolve them by following the procedures listed below one by one.

Performing a power cycle on the LG TV will resolve the Paramount Plus Not Working issue. To resolve the issue in some circumstances, you will need to go through all of the other possible remedies first.

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