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Is Golf With Your Friends Cross Platform in 2022? [PC, Xbox, PS4 & PC]

It is tricky to bring in new players to a game, and it is much more difficult to keep existing players interested in the game. Those who work in design should keep an eye on the processes that are used by their competitors and come up with some approaches on their own.

However, what does the use of many platforms have to do with it? In point of fact, cross-platform play is a very useful tool for expanding and maintaining a game’s player base. A multiplayer game that supports cross-platform gameplay is one that enables players to connect using a variety of devices, rather than confining them to just a single platform on which to play. The elimination of this hardware limitation enables game creators to more effectively retain their user base.

Golf with Your Friends is an exciting multiplayer game that enables up to 12 people to compete against one another simultaneously. It is available for the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One gaming consoles. However, the issue “Will Golf With Your Friends Be Cross-Platform in 2022?” still has to be answered.

If you keep reading this page, you will get the solution to that question as well as many other questions about this game that you may have in relation to cross-gaming.

Golf With Your Friends – A Quick Introduction

Golf with Your Friends is a golf video game. It’s mini-golf mixed with the excitement of multiplayer video games. This game is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross Platform in 2022? [PC, Xbox, PS4 & PC]

Golf with Your Friends was first created by an Australian company called Blacklight Interactive, and Team17 was the company that ultimately produced the game. The video game Golf with Your Friends is intended to provide its players with a fluid gaming experience that is packed with a variety of power-ups and knee-slapping mini-games.

One team of up to 12 players may compete in this game, in which they must go through a total of 13 levels. They will have to complete a total of 234 challenges, since there are 18 holes in each of the levels, and they will have to score a total of 234 times. As they go through the game, users will also have the ability to modify the levels and personalise their ball.

A sufficient number of elements, which are sure to appeal to players from all over the world, have been included into the game. Golf with Your Friends is a game that everyone can pick up and start playing, but it’s also difficult enough that you can become a pro at it. Prepare yourself for some good, old-fashioned fun by loading up your clubs and getting ready.

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform In 2022?

In the year 2022, Golf with Your Friends is not compatible with other gaming platforms. This suggests that a player who is using a certain platform will not be able to play with another player if the two players are using different platforms to play the game.

It is possible that many gamers may be disappointed to learn that they will be unable to connect with their pals who use other hardware. There are several possible explanations for why Golf with Your Friends is not available on many gaming platforms, some of them are as follows:

  • A significant amount of mismatching occurs while trying to pair players, which may be a time-consuming and costly process, particularly if there is a significant amount of mismatching that occurs.
  • Insufficient assistance from the developers: It is difficult to keep up with user demands and address problems or difficulties in a cross-platform environment when the development team only provides limited assistance for these endeavours. The fact that the developers may not be able to follow people on another platform and see what errors they are receiving when attempting to connect makes it much more difficult to find solutions to the issues that players are experiencing in the game.
  • Platforms that are not compatible with other platforms often have difficulty attracting a sufficient number of players. Because there are only so many people that can participate, it may be difficult to keep an online match going. It is possible that there are very few individuals on the other platform, or maybe none at all, which would cause them to terminate their services.

In spite of this, there could be a glimmer of hope at the end of this dark tunnel since a growing number of games are including the cross-platform functionality, which is desperately required by the gaming community.

However, we can still hold out hope that the creators of Golf with Your Friends will take this aspect into consideration in the not-too-distant future and create a version of this game that will enable cross-platform play.

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform PC And Xbox One?

“NO” is the short and straightforward response to it. The PC version of Golf with Your Friends is not compatible with the Xbox One version of the game. If you and your buddy wish to play Golf with Your Friends together, this indicates that both of you will need to own the same piece of hardware. It won’t be possible for the two of you to play together if one of you has a personal computer and the other has an Xbox One.

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform Xbox One And Nintendo Switch?

No, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch versions of Golf with Your Friends do not support cross-platform play. Despite the fact that you may play this game on your own using either Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, you won’t be able to play it with other people at the same time.

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform PC And PS4/PS5?

No, there is no support for cross-platform play in Golf with Your Friends on either the PC or the PS4 or PS5 platforms. This implies that you will not be able to play cooperatively with your pals if they use a computer while you play on a PlayStation 4, and vice versa.

If you have a personal computer (PC), the only people you can compete against in games are other people who also have PCs. Users of the PS4 will experience the same thing. The technological limits of both of these gadgets are to blame for this situation.

Is Golf With Your Friends Cross-Platform PS4 And Xbox One?

Once again, I’m sorry to say that the answer to that question will also be “no.” The PS4 and PS5 versions of Golf with Your Friends are not compatible with the Xbox One version of the game.

It is difficult to match gamers from various platforms since PS4 and Xbox One or Xbox X/S manage their players in different ways. This is one of the reasons why. Therefore, if you play video games on a PlayStation 5, you will never be able to compete against another player who uses an Xbox One, and vice versa.

Video Guide

What does cross-play mean?

The ability to play a game on one platform with another player who is using a different piece of hardware is referred to as cross-play. It indicates that gamers are able to compete against one another regardless of the platforms that they possess. For instance, even if you have a personal computer and your buddies have an Xbox One, you may still play games together. Or a buddy of yours owns a Nintendo Switch while you play on a PlayStation 5.

Is Golf with Your Friends cross-play?

Not at all; the game you play with your friends is not considered cross-play. Even if you are able to play it on your own personal devices, you will not be able to team up with any of your friends who use a different platform than the one you use. If you want to play the game with your friends, one of two things will need to happen: either you will need to convert to the hardware that they use for the game or you will need to get them to move to the hardware that you use, which may be a costly operation.

What are the advantages of cross-play?

One of the benefits is the ability to compete against pals on their preferred gaming system, which is only one of many perks. It also implies that developers may target a wider variety of consumers, since they do not need to be restricted to just those people who have the same platform as them. This opens up more opportunities for business. In addition to this, it has the potential to reduce a lot of the faults and problems that the gamers experience.


Although Golf with Your Friend is a really engaging game, it would have been much better if its developers had been able to work toward making it cross-platform. There is still a chance that they may act in such a manner in the future. Since it is still accessible on a wide variety of platforms at the moment, you should have no trouble enjoying it on your own, even if you can’t do so with your companions.

As a result of this, we have finally reached the conclusion of this essay. We really hope that all of your questions about “Will Golf with Your Friends Be Available on Cross-Platform in 2022?” have been addressed. Keep an eye out for other articles like this.

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