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Hunter x Hunter Season 7 has been officially confirmed, but no release date has been set for the seven-season anime series as of yet. The question is, when is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 going to be released.

A classic anime series from the 1990s, Hunter x Hunter is one of the most well-known and enduring works of animation. HxH, like the majority of anime shows, is based on a manga series, which was launched by Yoshihiro Togashi in early 1998.
Since the conclusion of the Reboot Hunter x Hunter Season 7, fans have been clamoring for a continuation of the series. Hunter x Hunter is the result of not one, but two anime adaptations, according to the official website. One that began in 1999, the same year as One Piece did, and has continued since then. In addition, there is another show that began running in 2011. The first one was created by Nippon Animation and was a tremendous success at the time it was initially released.
Hunter x Hunter is the eighth most popular anime series on My Anime List, with a rating of 9.05 from around 2,314,941 users. The series, however, has gotten a 9.0 rating on IMBD, which is based on customer feedback.
Hunter x Hunter fans are probably well aware of what I’m about to say, but if there is a season 7 of the show, it won’t be happening anytime soon, if at all. Madhouse, the studio that produces the anime, has not revealed any plans to renew it for additional seasons. Instead, the business has been busy with projects such as “Goodbye, Don Glees!” “Sonny Boy,” “The Vampire Dies in No Time,” “Police in a Pod,” and “Bibliophile Princess,” among others. The company is still in operation, although Hunter x Hunter hasn’t seen any new developments since its conclusion in 2014, owing to the fact that the anime has already made use of the current source material.

As a result of his crippling chronic ailments, it seems unlikely that Yoshihiro Togashi will have enough material for a new series to begin. In order for Togashi to recuperate fully, there will be long stretches between Hunter x Hunter chapters. As a result, while Gon’s adventures will continue, Togashi’s health and well-being will take precedence over everything else. If Togashi is no longer able to finish the series, it has been speculated for years that “Sailor Moon” creator Naoko Takeuchi (also Togashi’s wife) will continue the series. Consequently, while season 7 is unlikely to be released anytime soon, we still have six seasons to look forward to while Togashi is recovering from his illness.

The anime was broadcast on Toonami in April 2016 in an English-dubbed form. After season 6 of the English version of the show concluded on Toonami as well, the clamour for season 7 grew even more intense. Will Hunter x Hunter make a comeback in Season 7? Let’s have a look and see.


Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will release soon

In total, there are 12 episodes in the sixth season, which was released on July 8, 2018. After originally being published in manga form, the film adaptation of ’13 Hunter Chairman Election‘ was created by director Hiroshi Koujina in collaboration with Madhouse Studio.

In addition to the series’ positive reception from viewers, who were anxiously anticipating the second season, Megumi Han and Mariya Ise teased fans about their future collaboration, dubbed “Hunter x Hunter,” which will take place on Feb. 20, 2020 in Japan. Many fans have been clamouring for the release of an episode inspired by the popular Hunter x Hunter television series.

Hunter x Hunter Season cast


It is predicted that the following actors will appear in Season 7 of ‘Hunter x Hunter’:-

Expected Cast

The following members of the cast of “Hunter x Hunter” are expected to continue utilizing their voices in the seventh season:

Mariya Ise provides the voice of Killua Zoldyck, while Megumi Han lends her talents to Gon Freecs. It’s possible that the Japanese production may continue to use their voice in the same way. It’s possible that the English dub will use the same voice actors for the characters as well. On the other hand, there is a possibility that there may be some extra new characters and their voices. There is a possibility that the following cast members may return in season 7: Gon Freecs, Killua, Kite (Gon’s father), another buddy of Gon’s, and Kite telling Gon about his father. There is a possibility that many new characters will join.


Using their voices may remain the same in the Japanese version, as is the case with Gon Freecs and Killua Zoldyck, whose voices are provided by Megumi Han and Megumi Han, respectively. Additionally, the characters’ voices may be provided by the same performers in the English dub. It is possible, however, that some new characters may be introduced, and Killua, Gon Freecs‘ father Kite (who informed him of his father’s existence), and another friend of his may make a comeback in season 7. Another possibility is that a significant number of new characters will be introduced in the upcoming season.

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