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How to Watch IG live Anonymously

When you have a crush on someone, you want to spend as much time as possible with them and get to know them extremely well. Imagine that you are scrolling through Instagram to kill some time when all of a sudden you discover that the person you have a crush on has posted an Instagram story. You would be willing to interact with them by relating to their narrative or, more precisely, sending messages to start a gala time dialogue with them. You would be happy to do this.

You won’t, however, since you’re terrified of being discovered and punished. If, on the other hand, they have begun broadcasting live on Instagram, the situation is considerably more controllable. How about keeping your identity a secret while expressing yourself on Instagram? To have an understanding of their emotions and the freedom to express ourselves without the risk of alienating them is an excellent suggestion. But are you unclear about the steps that need to be taken?

If your answer is affirmative, then you can be certain that we have everything under control. If you are familiar with the functionality of Instagram, you probably already know that you cannot participate in an Instagram live broadcast while maintaining your anonymity. When you participate in an Instagram live, the person who is hosting the event will be able to see your username and profile picture with the other people watching the event.

There are, fortunately, a few ingenious methods to circumvent Instagram Live’s restrictions and still view it secretly. Continue reading in order to find a solution to your problem!

How to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously?

To communicate with another individual in an anonymous manner indicates that you do not want for that person to learn your identify. However, everytime you watch an Instagram live broadcast, your name appears in the list of spectators.

As a result, it will be impossible for you to conceal your identity, and everyone will know what it is that you are. To bypass this restriction and see live content on Instagram without drawing attention to yourself, you may use any of the following strategies.

Change your Username to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

Changing your username is the fastest, easiest, and most straightforward trick there is to watch Instagram without being identified. Changing your username will allow you to remain anonymous while viewing the live videos of other users on Instagram.

How to Change your IG Username?

If you want to change your username on Instagram, follow the procedures below:

  • Proceed to your Instagram profile and sign in.
  • Click the option labelled “Edit Profile.”
  • Delete the previous username you used.
How to watch ig live anonymously
  • Enter a new user name here (one that is anonymous).
  • To save your changes, you will need to click on the check mark that is situated in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You may now watch Instagram Live broadcasts from anybody without having to identify your name.

Create a New IG Account to Watch Instagram Live Anonymously

If for any reason you are unable to change your current username, as is the case when you constantly alter your Instagram username, you will not be able to use Instagram. If you have changed your Instagram username within the last sixty days, you will not be able to change it again after the term has ended.

Therefore, if you want to view Instagram live broadcasts without drawing attention to yourself, you need establish a new account. When you have finished viewing it, you will have the option to remove your new account. In order to create a new Instagram account, you will want a spare email address as well as a contact number.

How to Create a New Instagram Account?

To set up a new account on Instagram, just follow the procedures that are listed below:

  • Navigate to your user profile.
  • Find the symbol with the three lines at the top right of the screen, and then click on it.
  • Select the Settings menu option.
  • Tap the Add or Switch accounts option once you have scrolled down the page.
  • Next, click the Add Account button.
  • You are going to be required to create a new account, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

After establishing a brand-new account, the next step is to start following the user whose live video you want to see without being identified. Then, when you see the creator beginning the live video, switch back to your new account so that you can watch it, and finally, switch back to your old account so that you can watch it again.

Use Anyone Else’s IG Account to Watch IG Live

Those members of your family, acquaintances, or siblings who are active users of Instagram should provide their accounts for use in this endeavour.

If you use their login credentials, log in to their account using those credentials, follow the user you wish to follow, and you will be all set to view their Instagram Live Videos without revealing your identity.

Having said that, it would be beneficial if you made certain that the author was able to see the username that you use.

Is there any app to watch IG live anonymously?

Yes, you are able to remain anonymous when using the Anon IG Viewer to view Instagram Live content. The programme may be used without cost on both a personal computer and an Android device. However, due to the fact that third-party programmes pose a risk to users’ privacy, we do not encourage utilising such products.

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The Final Word

Although there is no direct way to remain anonymous when watching Instagram live content, you may still do it by using the aforementioned ways. However, there are a few caveats associated with them, despite the fact that they are successful.

If you have recently altered the username associated with your Instagram account, you will not be able to do so again. In a situation like this, you could immediately go to the trouble of creating a new account.

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