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How To Use Heyday Wireless Earbuds?

How To Use Heyday Wireless Earbuds?

What is the best way to pair heyday true wireless earbuds? You must have an iPhone running iOS 10 or later in order to connect to your Heyday earbuds. You must also be wearing both earbuds at the same time. Once again, they must be contained within the carrying container in order to speak with one another. To establish a connection:

Bluetooth may be enabled by pressing and holding the power button on the rear of the charging case for around five seconds, or until the light turns blue. If the light does not appear to be blue, try turning the lights off and then back on inside the carrying case again.
Open Settings . It’s a grey application with cogs on the screen that’s typically found on your home screen.
Bluetooth can be found in the Settings menu.
All nearby Bluetooth devices that are in pairing mode will be displayed once you have opened the Bluetooth settings. If your Heyday earphones are powered on and within range of your device, they should appear on the screen. To pair and connect your iPhone with another device, either click on their name or select them from the list of available devices on your iPhone. It is possible that you will be invited to download a companion app if this is your first time using Heyday True Wireless Earbuds. The companion app includes additional functions such as EQ settings and instructions for how to use the earbuds to their full potential. You may always come back to this page to upgrade the firmware on your Heyday earphones (important for receiving updates and resolving bugs).
After successfully connecting your Heyday True Wireless Earbuds to your iPhone, you will see how many earbuds are linked with how many are in the case. As long as the pairing indicator is lit up green, you’re set to go. Take pleasure in using Heyday with any and all of your favorite applications.

Examine the list of Bluetooth devices in your computer to ensure that they are properly connected. Once the Heyday earphones have been successfully linked with one or more devices, they should be included in this section (in this case, an iPhone). They should also indicate how many individual earbuds are now contained within the recharging case (if you are unable to determine how many there are, check to see that the case is closed). Finally, if only one blue light flashes on either the bud or the charging case, the problem has been resolved. This indicates that they are powered on, but have not been successfully connected with your mobile device.

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