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How to Update Peacock TV on Amazon Firestick

Peacock TV is a streaming service that was introduced to the public around one year ago. The flagship streaming application for NBCUniversal is now accessible on a variety of platforms, including Amazon’s Fire TV and tablets. Peacock TV on Firestick, much like other streaming applications, need frequent updates in order to view newly released movies, television episodes, and original series. In addition to that, it transmits sporting events, such as the Olympics in 2020. Peacock TV offers three different subscription packages, which are as follows:

Free – (limited content with ads)

  • Premium content that includes advertisements and costs $4.99 per month to access.
  • Premium Plus is ad-free viewing of all content and costs $9.99 per month.

How to Get Peacock TV on Firestick

Peacock TV is pre-installed on each and every Amazon Fire device. In the event that it is not already set up, the Peacock TV may be installed by following these procedures.

  • Start up your Fire TV device. Use the Find menu, then choose the Search option when it appears.
How to update Peacock TV on Amazon Firestick
  • Simply enter Peacock TV into the search bar, and the appropriate app will appear in the list of results.
  • To begin downloading Peacock TV onto your Firestick, choose the Get button.
  • To begin using it, choose the Open button from the menu.

How to update Peacock TV on Amazon Firestick

After you have Peacock downloaded onto your Fire Stick, you will have the option to either allow automatic app updates or manually update the programme yourself.

Enable Automatic App Updates

If you activate this option, it will also be applied to all of the other applications that are installed on your Fire TV Stick.

  • Choose Applications after selecting the Settings (gear icon) option located in the upper right corner of the menu.
  • Choose Appstore from the page that is dedicated to Applications.
  • To activate this function, go to the Settings menu and choose Automatic Updates. Under Automatic Updates, the word On will display if you have this feature activated already.

Manually Update Peacock TV on Fire TV

You may utilise the manual update option if you’d rather keep track of app updates yourself.

  • Proceed to the next step by going to Settings > Applications > Appstore.
  • Choose the Automatic Updates menu item to toggle the setting between On and Off.
  • When you want to check for an update for the Peacock app, you may locate it by selecting the Apps icon that is located in the menu bar. You may also try looking for the app in the Home menu’s Recently Used Apps section.
  • To get further information about the application, highlight the app, then hit the Menu button (which resembles three horizontal lines) on your Fire TV remote.
  • A Play symbol will display in the app’s status bar if it has been kept up to date. If an update is available, selecting Update will allow you to get the most recent version of the application.

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