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How To Unlock Tainted Characters in Binding Of Isaac

You have access to a large cast in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, but there are also Tainted versions of each of these characters. Characters that have been tainted take on a new look and have access to new goods and skills. You will, however, need to unlock them before you can use them.

To our great relief, each and every Tainted persona may be unlocked in much the same manner. There are two objects you may use to open them, but both accomplish the same function. Continue reading if you want to learn how Tainted characters may be unlocked in the game.

How to Unlock Tainted Characters

You’ll need to get either a Cracked Key or a Red Key, depending on what it is that you wish to do. The Red Key is only found in the game once, but it is required to unlock Tainted Isaac. Fortunately, if you complete further runs, you will earn Cracked Keys, which will allow you to unlock Tainted versions of other characters.

After that, we’ll look at a few things that need to be done before we can unlock all of the Tainted characters.

How To Unlock Tainted Characters in Binding Of Isaac

Defeat Mother

It is necessary to achieve victory against Mother at least once in order to free the Tainted characters. You’ll locate her in the biome referred to as Corpse II. She is the new leader of the Repentance downloadable content.

Locate Dad’s Note

In a different playthrough, you have to go to the Depths II biome in order to locate Dad’s Note. The following are the stages:

  • There will be a room with the boss in it. After you have vanquished him, you will need to use the teleportation device to leave the chamber.
  • Find your way back to the room you started in and look for a door there.
  • Using either The Polaroid, The Negative, or the Faded Polaroid will allow you to unlock it.
  • Obtain the note from Dad, then begin the ascent.

If you don’t have teleportation, you can use this trick.

  • Check each of the skulls that you find as you go around the level.
  • Find a skull that stands out from the others in terms of its appearance.
  • You may gain the Fool card by bombing it.
  • To escape this situation, play the Fool card.

Reach the Home Area

Because there is no randomization in the Home section, everyone will go through the identical rooms. After you have eliminated them, you will locate the Red Key. The following is a rundown of the procedures:

  • Continue up the ascent, and you will eventually arrive at the Home area.
  • Proceed through each room until you reach the one that is designated as Mom’s.
  • Activate the lock on the chest located inside Mom’s Room.
  • Get the Red Key.

Use the Red Key

Unlocking the Tainted character should be your next priority at this point. After activating the Red Key, the Tainted character you obtain will be determined by the character you are currently playing as in the game. If you were playing as Isaac, for instance, you would be able to unlock Tainted Isaac.

  • Proceed out of Mom’s Room and into the hallway.
  • You should use the Red Key.
  • You will suddenly find yourself in a previously secret chamber, and you are required to step inside.
  • Come into contact with the Tainted iteration of the character you are now playing as.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the Tainted character for use in fresh runs!

Cracked Key

When you have successfully unlocked a Tainted character for the first time, the Red Key will no longer be located in Mom’s Room. There is an option, despite the fact that Red Keys may still be obtained from Key Masters, Red Chests, and Secret Rooms in Curse Rooms. The Cracked Key may be acquired much more quickly than a replacement Red Key.

Here is how to acquire a key that has been cracked:

  • Proceed to the treasure chamber or the boss room.
  • Put down any little items you’re carrying, especially any trinkets.
  • Locate the note that Dad wrote.
  • You will ultimately make your way back to all of the boss areas that you have already traversed throughout the climb.
  • When you return, the item will have been transformed into a Cracked Key.

After this, all that is required of you is to return to the Home area and utilise it in the exact same manner as the Red Key. Using the same method, you will be able to unlock all of the other Tainted characters.

The Keys to Success

Both Red Keys and Cracked Keys allow you to unlock all Tainted characters; however, we advise you to focus on Cracked Keys as you go through the game. Because you now have this information, you will soon be able to unlock all 17 of them. Because each one of them has a gameplay style that is distinct from that of their original counterparts, it can be beneficial for you to unlock all of them.

How long did it take you to unlock all of the characters in the Tainted faction? Who is your character of choice while you play? Tell us in the part below devoted to comments.

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