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How To Turn On Light Mode On Discord

Are you not a huge fan of the gloomy user interface that comes standard with Discord? By activating the light theme, you may have the app utilise choices that are lighter in colour. The lite mode of Discord may be used on desktop computers, mobile phones, and on the web. Here are the steps:

Enable Light Mode in Discord on Desktop and the Web

The light mode of Discord may be enabled in exactly the same way in both the desktop client and the web version of the programme.

Launch the Discord client on your PC to get started. Click the “User Settings” button that is located next to your username in the bottom-left corner of Discord (a gear icon).

How To Turn On Light Mode On Discord

A sidebar titled “User Settings” will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. Choose “Appearance” from the drop-down menu inside this sidebar’s “App Settings” section.

To activate light mode, click the “Light” button located in the “Theme” portion of the right pane.

As you can see down below, the color of Discord will change to light right away.

Turn On Light Mode for Discord on Mobile

The lite mode of Discord is also accessible on mobile devices like as the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Launch the Discord app on your mobile device to begin the process of enabling it.

Tap the symbol that corresponds to your profile in the app’s bottom bar.

You will arrive at a screen titled “User Settings.” Tap the “Appearance” option that you’ll find here in the “App Settings” section.

You may activate the light mode by selecting the “Light” option on the “Appearance” tab.

And very immediately, the light will come on in your app.

You are all set.

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