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How to Turn on Bose Sound bar Without Remote

There is no power button available on Bose speakers or soundbars, so you cannot switch them on manually. Utilizing the included remote control is the one and only method to power on Bose soundbars and speakers.

Once your remote control stops operating, there is no other way to switch on the speaker or soundbar. There are a variety of potential issues that might arise with the remote control.

You might be dealing with any of these two issues: either the remote control has ceased operating properly or the remote itself has been misplaced.

Even if the remote control for your Bose speaker or soundbar has ceased functioning, there is still a way to switch it on. Let’s have a look at how.

Turning ON Bose Speakers & Soundbars Without Original Remote

In the event that you misplace the remote control for your Bose speaker or soundbar, you have the following choices:

  • Use your mobile as a remote control
  • Activate the ‘Auto-Wake’ feature
  • Use your TV remote
  • Use a universal remote
  • Enable Power-Sync feature
  • Buy another Remote for your Bose speaker or soundbar
  • Program your own remote for Bose speaker or soundbar

Update the Bose Soundbar/Speaker

You need to make sure that the software of the gadget is up to date before you can couple your smartphone with the Bose soundbar and use it as a remote control.
It is essential since the earlier versions are not compatible with the IR sensors and cannot function with them. While the most recent versions of the firmware have the IR learning capability built in.

It is possible to update it using either a personal computer or the Bose app on a mobile device. Simply connect your mobile phone to the Bose soundbar, and then use the accompanying app to make the necessary firmware updates. The following is an outline of the steps involved in utilising a computer:

  • Open the Bose Updater page on your browser.
  • After choosing your location, click the “Download” option to save the file that contains the update.
  • After running the “Bose updater file,” wait for the installation procedure to finish before continuing.
  • Now, get a USB cable and connect one end of it into the computer. Then, plug the other end of the wire into your Bose soundbar or speaker.
  • Launch the Bose Updater application that is stored on your computer, and then choose the option to “Install All the Available Updates.”
  • Once the software has been successfully installed, you should unplug the computer from the soundbar.

1. Use Your Smartphone to Turn ON Bose Soundbar

You will be relieved to know that your Bose soundbar or speaker can be controlled and turned on through your smartphone. The method is applicable to either an Android or an iPhone; it is universally applicable.

The infrared (IR) blaster may be found in the majority of modern cellphones and appears as a very small hole. This, much like a remote control, may be used to deliver infrared signals to various electronic gadgets.

  • Navigate to the Play Store on your Android device or the Apple Store on your iOS device. Install the ControlSpace Remote Custom app on your device.
  • Launch the application, and if it asks for permission, grant it.
  • You will then be sent to the primary Homepage of the application, where you can access the options for turning the power on and off.
  • This app’s user interface might stand to be simplified a little bit. Therefore, you will need to give it a few tries before you can understand it.
  • This application is also capable of performing all other control operations and can be used as a mobile remote for your Bose audio systems with ease.

2. Activate the Auto-Wake Feature

Bose soundbars come with a variety of features, such as the “Auto-Wake” and “Power-Sync” modes. Your soundbar may be automatically activated by a connected device, such as a TV or cable box, thanks to the Auto-Wake function.

Therefore, the soundbar powers on automatically once you turn on your television. If you have misplaced the Bose remote, this feature will be of great use to you. The procedure consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Setup the App

  • Establish a connection between your Bose speaker or soundbar and the same Wifi network to which you have already linked your smartphone.
  • To turn on the soundbar, you must first plug it into a power outlet.
  • After that, locate the Bose Music app on your device, download it, and then open it.
  • Use the credentials associated with your Bose Music account to sign in to the app. Create a new user profile if you do not already have an account for this service.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen in order to finish the setup procedure. Give the app permission to use your phone’s features, such Bluetooth and WiFi.

Step 2: Sync Your Bose Soundbar/Speaker

  • When you arrive to the primary user interface of the application, choose the “Speakers & soundbars” option.
  • Select the “Add product” option, then use the arrow buttons to go left or right through the list until you find your Bose soundbar or speaker.
  • If you do not see this option, then add a device by clicking the symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and tapping the plus sign.
  • Find the WiFi network you want to connect to, enter the password, and click the “Connect” button, or choose the “Manually Enter Wifi” option.
  • Click “Next” after you have selected a name for your Bose soundbar from the available options or after you have created a name that is uniquely yours.
  • Now connect your Bose soundbar or speakers to your television by utilising an HDMI cable and plugging them into an HDMI ARC or eARC connector, respectively.

Step 3: Enable Auto-Wake Feature

  • In the last step, go to the app’s Homepage by clicking the “Get Started” button.
  • Tap the soundbar or speaker from Bose that you’ve just just linked to the app.
  • After tapping the ‘Settings’ icon, go to the ‘Power’ option. Select ‘Optical Auto-Wake,’ and ensure that it is turned on.

The setting up is the most important part of this. Now, once you switch on your TV, the soundbar will also power up automatically. This function is now available to you. As a result, you do not need a remote control at this time.

3. Use Your TV Remote to Turn ON Bose Soundbar

You may also use the remote that came with your TV to operate and switch on the soundbar or speaker that you have from Bose. However, in order for this to work, your TV will need to enable the HDMI CEC capability.

It is known as “Consumer Electronics Control,” and it enables data flow in both directions between the TV and the gadgets that are attached to it. Find out whether your TV supports HDMI CEC by reading the TV’s specs or consulting the user manual to find out if it does.

Simply connect your soundbar or speakers to the TV using the connector that is labelled “HDMI ARC” or “eARC.” This is all that is required of you. After that, turn on HDMI CEC on your television;

To access the ‘Settings’ menu on the TV, press the menu button on the remote control.

To access the External Device Manager or a comparable tool, go to the “General” tab in the settings menu. Locate the “HDMI-CEC” setting and make it active.

4. Program a Universal Remote Control

There is a wide selection of universal remote controllers on the market nowadays. A universal remote control may be used with more than one electronic device. It is capable of controlling a wide variety of devices. There are a lot of households that already have a universal remote. If you do not have the original remote for your Bose speaker or soundbar, this is the most effective way to switch it on. The following is one way that may be used to programme the remote:

  • On your mobile device, start the Bose Music app and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • After selecting the tab labelled “Universal Remote,” go to the “Advanced” section.
  • Simply choose the “Pair New Remote” option. Now take the batteries out of the universal remote control and put them back in after a quarter of an hour has passed.
  • The app will recognise your remote and attempt to link with it when it does.
  • Finally, choose ‘Continue,’ and you can immediately begin using it to control your Bose soundbar or speaker.

5. Enable Power Sync Function

The ability to switch on your Bose soundbar or speaker without the need of a remote control is another useful option. Power-Sync works similarly to Auto-Wake in that it automatically switches your soundbar on and off.

For instance, when you turn on your TV, the Bose soundbar will also turn on; the same holds true for when you switch off the electricity. The following is the procedure that must be followed in order to enable this feature:

Launch the Bose Music app on your mobile device, and then choose the “Settings” option located in the app’s upper-right corner.

Go to the “Power” tab, select the “Power Sync” button, and then set the switch so that it is in the “ON” position to activate the feature.

The next step is to synchronise your Bose soundbar with the device of your choice that is connected. Simply choose either the “Sync with TV” or “Sync with Source” option on the cable box.

Bose Remote Control Replacement

You are able to purchase a new Bose remote in the event that you misplace the original. On the Bose website, you may place an order for a replacement remote control for the speaker or soundbar you have. If you are unable to locate what you are looking for there, contact your local Bose support and they will be able to provide you an improved answer just like they have for a great number of other people.

Program your own Bose Remote

Any appliance that you wish to be able to manage with a remote may be programmed to do so. You may learn how to configure a remote control for your Bose speaker or soundbar by watching one of the numerous videos or reading one of the many articles that are accessible online for Bose products. After you have completed the necessary steps to programme a remote, you will be able to power on a Bose speaker or soundbar.

Troubleshooting Bose Remote Control Not Working and Speaker/Soundbar Not Turning ON

  • Check to see that your speaker is plugged into an outlet that is operational. If you are unsure, you could attempt switching the plug in the outlet that is absolutely operational.
  • If you have a surge protector, you should try connecting your device into the functional socket in an indirect manner.
  • Make sure that the connectors on both ends of the power cord are in the correct positions.
  • First, you should try changing the batteries in the remote.
  • If you have another device that uses the same remote control, you may use that device to test whether or not your remote is operating properly.
  • If it still doesn’t work, unplug the speaker or soundbar, wait at least a minute, and then give it another go.

And if you happen to misplace your remote, you won’t be able to switch on your Bose speaker or soundbar until you get your hands on a replacement.

Video Guide

Where to find the Bose soundbar code?

The container for the batteries has the number that corresponds to the code. It starts with 714543, then continues with four more digits after that. In order to configure the remote to work with your soundbar, you will need this code. You may also locate the code in the handbook that came with your Bose product or download it from the Bose Support website.

What is the difference between a Bose speaker and a soundbar?

A Bose speaker is a device that is capable of a 2.0 configuration, is smart, small, and portable. Typically, they are Bluetooth speakers, and the sound they provide for the TV is not very impressive. A Bose soundbar, on the other hand, is a multi-channel piece of equipment that has strong drivers, woofers, and tweeters. It is possible for it to have excellent sound quality, and it may be a system with 3.0, 3.1, 5.0, 7.0, or 7.1.4 channels.

Where to find the Bose soundbar code?

The container for the batteries has the number that corresponds to the code. It starts with 714543, then continues with four more digits after that. In order to configure the remote to work with your soundbar, you will need this code. You may also locate the code in the handbook that came with your Bose product or download it from the Bose Support website.

Final Words

Without the original remote, you were presented with all of the conceivable options for turning on Bose speakers or soundbars, and these are the ones you chose. You may do a search for the specific Bose model you have and discover a tutorial pertaining to it.

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