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How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube – Easy 1 Step

We’ll tell you How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube? Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of material that can be viewed on YouTube, it is all too simple to become lost in the site’s films and lose sight of the passage of time. While you’re watching videos on the platform, if you keep the Autoplay option enabled (which plays related videos automatically), it makes it much simpler to get sucked into the site’s ecosystem and become addicted to it.

Because YouTube’s Autoplay function is set to automatically start playing videos, you’ll need to manually disable it if you find that it’s causing problems.

In addition, some users believe that the feature, which is designed to play movies that are relevant to the one you have just seen, fails to do so an excessive amount of the time. In this piece, we’ll demonstrate how to turn off Autoplay on YouTube on your account.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube – Across Devices

  • Tap to open a YouTube video.
  • Find the switch that toggles autoplay at the very top of the video player. The switch will be in the correct position, displaying a play icon, when the autoplay function is on. The switch should be in the leftmost position with a sign for pausing the playback when autoplay should not be enabled.
  • Simply toggle autoplay on or off, you need to click the switch.
How To Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube

Alternatively, you can turn off autoplay in the app settings:

  • Hit your profile image, which is located on the Home page of the YouTube app, and then tap Settings.
  • To disable the function, choose Autoplay from the drop-down menu, and then move the switch that controls autoplay to the off position.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube on iOS and Android

In addition to being accessible on desktop computers, the Autoplay function can also be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. There is just one way to disable Autoplay, and that is to follow these steps, regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android device:

Start the YouTube app on the device you’re using.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube Music

Users are able to listen to all of their preferred music from YouTube by subscribing to the YouTube Music streaming service and customising their listening experience to their tastes. When you begin playing the music on the platform, it will immediately begin compiling a playlist of songs to play in the order that you choose.

It is not possible to turn off this functionality in any way. You can, at best, select a single song and ask for it to be played continuously by clicking on it. You can accomplish this by using the “Repeat one” function, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube Playlist

As with YouTube Music, you can’t turn off Autoplay on YouTube when you click on a YouTube playlist. In fact, the concept behind playlists is to play videos consecutively or shuffled.

How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube TV

If you have a subscription to YouTube TV but don’t find yourself using the Autoplay feature very often, you have the option to disable it entirely. This is how you go about doing it:

  • You can access your YouTube TV account by logging in.
  • Simply navigate to the right side of the screen and click on the photo of you that appears there.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu that appears.
  • You can turn the “Autoplay on start” option on or off at any time by clicking on the corresponding button.


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