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How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A32 Without Power Button – 3 Easy Ways

Find out how to capture a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A32 (SM-A325F) and A32 5G by reading this tutorial (SM-A326B). You undoubtedly snap a lot of screenshots on your phone for a variety of reasons, if you’re anything like the majority of smartphone users. It’s possible that you want to share something with your pals, although it’s also possible that you want to save something for a later time. Taking screenshots is a very useful tool that is included on all Android phones, including the Galaxy A32 5G. This is the case regardless of the situation.

If you have just purchased a brand new Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you may be curious about how to snap a screenshot on your new device. The majority of Samsung’s mobile devices are equipped with the same or very comparable ways for capturing screenshots. It is possible that you have read anything similar to this previously if you have ever used a Galaxy smartphone. In such case, you should definitely learn how to snap screenshots.

How To Take a Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

1. Galaxy A32 5G Screenshot – Hardware Keys

How To Take Screenshot In Samsung A32 Without Power Button

Using the physical keys that are situated on the side of your Galaxy A32 5G is the first way that can be used to capture a screenshot on your phone. This is the conventional approach, which constitutes the majority of applications.

Take your phone in your hands and simultaneously tap the power button as well as the volume down button. Keep your fingers on the keys until the display becomes completely white. It seems like a screenshot has been captured at this time. Following the white flash that appears on the screen, a cursor-sized menu bar will be shown at the very bottom of the screen. The menu will consist of three different buttons. The first button allows you to make edits to the picture and crop it. Scroll capture may be enabled using the second button, and the picture can be shared on social media with the third button.

2. Galaxy A32 5G Screenshot – Palm Swipe to Capture

You may capture a screenshot on your Galaxy A32 5G by utilising the “Palm Swipe to Capture” function if the first way for some reason does not work. This might be because the buttons are damaged or because of some other problem. This is the answer that Samsung has come up with, and it does not need any kind of physical button.

To turn on Palm Swipe, go to the Settings menu, then click on Advanced Features, and then choose Motions & Gestures. There will be a choice available that is referred to as Palm swipe to capture. It is in an inactive state by default. To activate it, tap on it. To capture a screenshot, you will now need to move your hand over the screen. When the job is finished, the phone will vibrate to let you know that it’s been successfully completed.

3. Galaxy A32 5G Screenshot – Assistant Menu

You may try using the Assistant Menu if you’re looking for something that’s simpler to use. If none of the other options work for you and all of the physical keys on your Galaxy A32 5G are malfunctioning, then this is the last option.

To activate the Assistant Menu, go to Settings > Accessibility > Interaction and dexterity and then tap on the Assistant menu. This will turn on the Assistant Menu. There will be a little circle there. To choose it, tap on the circle. There will be several choices presented to you. Select Screenshots from the menu. When a screenshot is captured, the screen will briefly turn white to indicate that it has been saved.

On the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, you have the ability to snap a screenshot in a few different methods. It is kind of Samsung to offer a few software options that allow users to snap screenshots in the event that the physical buttons on the device become inoperable. Do you have any alternative methods that may be used to snap a screenshot? Leave your comments down below

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