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How To Stream HBO Max On Discord Without Black Screen

How To Stream HBO Max On Discord Without Black Screen

If you’re having trouble keeping in touch with your loved ones as a result of the ongoing lockdowns, you might be interested in learning how to organize a small online meeting so that you and your pals can watch your favorite HBO GO or MAX series together. In light of the fact that HBO GO and MAX do not by default provide anything comparable to this, please allow Discord to assist you in this matter.

Streaming video from a service such as HBO GO and then re-streaming it through another source may strike a lot of people as a rather strange thing to do; nonetheless, there are situations in which you may find yourself wishing to engage in this practice. Using a streaming service makes great sense, for instance, if you really want to watch something with your friends and talk about what’s happening as it’s happening in real time. How exactly do you stream content from HBO GO over Discord? Is it true that Discord only allows you to stream video games? Nope! Using Discord, you can broadcast a wide variety of various content.

Even though the vast majority of people believe that Discord can only be used for gaming material and streaming games, it is actually feasible to stream virtually any kind of entertainment from Discord to your channels. By default, Discord will recognize games and provide you with a variety of alternatives for instant screen sharing. These options do not cover web browsers or other applications, though. On the other hand, include them is really simple, and the configuration process just takes a few minutes to complete.

Streaming content on Discord is possible, however the most resolution you can get is 720p unless you pay for a nitro subscription. This is the only catch. If you are viewing on a mobile device anyhow, 720p is a sufficient resolution, and it is also far more reliable and less likely to experience latency.

How do you Stream HBO GO / MAX over Discord? Stream HBO GO / MAX content to your Discord Channel.

Before you can begin streaming HBO GO or MAX over Discord, you will first need to configure Discord so that it is compatible with applications that aren’t games. Make sure the software, application, or web browser you wish to add is already operating before you begin the steps that are indicated below.

  • Launch Discord and ensure that you are signed in to your account before continuing. Click the Settings icon that is located to the right of your username at the bottom of the screen when you have Discord open.
  • You will then be sent to a new screen, where you will need to click the Game Activity link that is located near the bottom of the panel on the left.
  • In the newly opened box, select your browser from the drop-down menu after clicking the Add it! option. This will provide you the ability to stream HBO GO or MAX through Discord to the channel of your choice.
How To Stream HBO Max On Discord Without Black Screen

Now, in order to stream material from HBO GO or MAX through Discord, all you need to do is launch the browser on which you are playing HBO GO or MAX, then click the Stream button in Discord and select your browser from the drop-down menu that appears.

Please be aware that you will need to disable hardware acceleration in order to stream content from HBO GO or MAX using an internet browser. In the event that you do not, Discord will only broadcast a black screen to the channel you are using. Strange, isn’t it?!

How do you turn off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome?

Launch Google Chrome, then navigate to Options > Advanced settings. From there, you will be able to turn off Hardware Acceleration. Then, near the bottom of the page, de-check the box labelled Use hardware acceleration when available.

How do you turn off Hardware Acceleration in Firefox?

To turn off Hardware Acceleration in Firefox, launch the browser and navigate to the Options menu, followed by selecting General. From there, deselect the Use suggested performance setting checkbox, and then deselect the Use hardware acceleration when available option when it comes below.

How do you turn off Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge?

Launch Edge and select the Settings menu to find the Hardware Acceleration option. navigate to Settings > System, then deactivate Use hardware acceleration when available by toggling the appropriate button (grey)

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