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How To Signal The Coral Buddies In Fortnight

The weekly tasks for Fortnight are online, and one of them needs players to signal Coral Buddies. In Fortnight, learn how to alert the Coral Buddies.

Week 6 of Chapter 2 of Season 5 of Fortnight has arrived, bringing with it a new set of Fortnight weekly tasks for players to accomplish. The majority of this week’s challenges are simple to complete; however, a few of them can be quite perplexing. This is particularly relevant for a game in which players must notify the Coral Buddies. This must be done three times; however, players may find it challenging to reach the proper locations. So, let us take you on a brief tour of the Coral Buddies area in Fortnight and show you how to finish the task.

Week 6 of Fortnite’s fifth Chapter 2 season is here. Today’s tasks, or Epic Quests as they’re known this season, are a new set of challenges to accomplish.

The majority of these entail damaging items such as motorboats, fishing holes, and so on. The whole set of challenges may be seen here.

Players are tasked with alerting the Coral Buddies in one of this week’s challenges, which is hidden a few levels deep in the new two-tier challenge design.

The Coral Buddies had been sighted previously, but not everyone was aware of their presence. We were given many hidden tasks with the small creatures back in Season 3. Those tasks were similar to the Teddy Bear versus Gnome challenges in that they were hidden and not addressed explicitly in the game. They were enjoyable trials, but many players are likely to have missed them.

In any event, the Coral Buddies are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Head to the northwest part of the map and land at Coral Castle, an aquatic, coral reef Named Location that is normally quite mild, to notify the Coral Buddies. With this challenge, it’ll be even heated.

Where to signal the coral buddies

How To Signal The Coral Buddies In Fortnight

You should make your way to Coral Castle, which can be found in the top-right part of the Fortnite season 5 map. Coral Castle was first seen all the way back in season 3’s flooded map. It is the location of a number of structures that have an Aquaman vibe to them and are covered with, what else, coral and other marine life.

You need to find the smaller structure that is located in the northernmost part of the region.

Proceed inside the elevated structure and make your way up the stairs until you reach the row of conch shells that are arranged along the window sill. Engage in conversation with each of them, moving from left to right. We are not quite certain if the order makes a difference; but, once the challenge is live, it is feasible that it will need a certain sequence to be completed. If it turns out to be the case, this article will be updated.
Later in this week, the Fortnite week six challenges will become available. For your effort, you’ll probably gain roughly 20,000 XP points. Considering it was just tooting some shells, you did rather well.


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