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How To Send A Message On Steam To Someone Other Than Your Friend

Although the Steam Chat function is not nearly the competitor to Discord that Valve had hoped for, it has significantly improved since it was first introduced. The subject of whether or not you may send a message to someone on Steam who is not already on your friend list is one that is asked rather often. To be able to message someone in chat, you need to first be friends with them.

You are unable to send a message to a person unless you are in the same group as them. You have the option of leaving a remark on their profile page; however, this option is only viable if the user’s profile is seen by the general public. If it is restricted to your friends exclusively, then you won’t be able to contact with anybody else on that platform either.

This is a common issue that arises whenever users of Steam who own beta tickets or discount coupons decide to sell them for sale on the site. You are need to either respond to their forum post or make direct contact with them in order to submit a request for one of these. The majority of those of us who have attempted to get one of these codes are aware that posting on the forum is often far too sluggish to obtain any code. It is in your best interest to make direct contact with the athlete and ask them in a very kind way whether they would be willing to select you.

Send a message to non-friends on Steam

It is very difficult to communicate with Steam users who are not on your “Friends List,” and the option to do so is almost nonexistent. You may send a message to a user who is not one of your friends by first becoming a member of a group in which that user participates and then interacting with them there. In the previous example, if the individuals were giving out discount coupons for Tropico 6, you might sign up for a chat group dedicated to Tropico 6 and search for the individual there. The situation is the same with every game available on the platform.

Certain games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) from Valve, are another exception to the non-friend restriction since they let players to send messages to anybody else on the server.

When participating in group chats, use extreme caution. If you have ever used group chat, you have probably received messages from strangers who are not among your friends. The vast majority of the time, they are spammers or gold farmers who are attempting to sell you in-game cash or things. If you choose to send messages using the in-game chat system, you should be prepared for them to be disregarded, particularly considering the fact that the other players likely see more of those spam messages than you do.

How To Send A Message On Steam To Someone Other Than Your Friend

What can you do on Steam Chat?

Even if you cannot send a message to someone who is not your friend on Steam, the new system allows you to do a lot of other things, including many of the same things. The following is a list of some of the newly added capabilities of the system that you may be interested in testing out.


The “Tags” system has been replaced by “Categories,” which provides a method for more efficiently managing communication with friends. It is well worth your time to organise your Steam friend list into different categories if you are lucky enough to have a significant number of friends that use Steam. You have the option of classifying them as either games or more general groups such as friends, family, and others.

You are able to add many friends to different gaming categories, and your general discussions can be sorted into a structure that is more easily navigable.


The new “Tags” system is called “Categories,” and it is a means to handle communication with friends in a more efficient manner. Organizing your buddy list into categories is time well spent if you are lucky enough to have a big number of Steam users within your circle of acquaintances. You may divide them up into games or into more general categories such as friends, family, and others.

It is possible to add many friends to several game categories, and you can typically categorise your discussions into a manner that is easier to handle.

Group Chat

The afore-mentioned “Group Chat” function is a convenient feature that enables you to organise groups for games, which you can use to either participate in the game together or just have conversations about it. You are not required to engage in conversation pertaining to the games; yet, it is the purpose of the event. You have the option to “Create a New Chat,” after which you may give it a name and invite friends to join it.

You also have the ability to issue invitations to other players who are already participating in the game. It is not necessary for you to have them on your friend list for them to be able to join.

Invisible Mode

You have always had the option to use Steam while seeming offline; but, beginning today, you now have the option to engage in conversation while in “Invisible Mode.” This configuration works in a manner that is comparable to that of the previous one and affords you some time to yourself when you are playing a game. Invisibility is yours to claim if you don’t have the time or energy to talk with your pals, or if you just want a private session on your own before you “gather up.”

You may utilise “Invisible Mode” in either case by choosing your username in the upper left corner of the chat window, then clicking the “Invisible” button that appears.

The fact that you cannot send a message to a user who is not your buddy on Steam is both a “crying shame” and a positive thing. Even while it may be a nuisance at times, it does a good job of shielding the community from the numerous spammers, gold farmers, and other generally unpleasant kids that utilise the site. In this case, there is a possibility that you may miss out on one or more access codes; but, on the bright side, you won’t have to put up with a large number of spam comments!

As was said before, certain games, such as CSGO from Valve, allow players to send in-game messages to other players on the server who are not their friends. Some games may provide downloadable material (DLC) that extends the capabilities of the server to include chat. As a result, asserting that you are unable to send messages to users who are not your friends on Steam is not totally correct.

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