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How To See Who Liked Your Video on YouTube

There is no option on YouTube that would show you who has liked the video that you have uploaded to YouTube (or even disliked it).

Until a specific viewer makes a comment that cannot be inferred or tested using the owner’s analysis or any other source, this condition will remain in place. Only the total number of likes and dislikes received by a video will be provided to the video’s owner by YouTube.

It is the only method for them to gauge how the general audience has responded to the content that they have produced. The concepts of anonymity and transparency underpin the like and dislike buttons.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the viewers are not affected in any way and are free to make their own decisions based on an objective perspective, even if they decide that they do not like the content.

Why can’t I see YouTube dislikes?

Take the example of LinkedIn for instance. It will ask you to endorse other people’s skills and rate how good they are (good, very good, or exceptional), but the person endorsing you will never know which option people picked out of the three that are shown.

This is done in an attempt to obtain a truthful response, despite the fact that doing so violates the rights of the validator. The same may be said for YouTube.

Provide viewers and creators with the opportunity to freely express themselves, and do not put viewers under any obligation to consider creators their friends or anybody else they may know.

And in doing so violates the rights of the audience member.

To answer the question of how to discover who liked (or hated) your YouTube video, the answer is that there is no solution.

Do dislikes matter on YouTube?

Your channel will suffer from a negative impact as a result of dislikes, but this is an indirect bad impact.

Due to the fact that YouTube places a strong emphasis on user engagement, the platform may choose not to punish your channel even if it has a high number of dislikes if it continues to receive a significant amount of watch time and comments from viewers. However, they will utilise those things that people dislike about them as a proxy for own preferences.

This indicates that there is a greater chance that people who do not enjoy your video will not promote your material to other users in the future.

In addition to this, YouTube may decide not to recommend your material to other users who have interests that are comparable to their own.

As you can see, YouTube won’t immediately take action against your channel if it receives a high number of dislikes; nevertheless, the indirect effects of those dislikes can slow down your channel’s growth.

How can I see who watched my YouTube video?

Unfortunately, the number of views on your Facebook story and the number of views on your YouTube videos are not the same.

However, you will have a greater understanding of the demographics of those who view your videos on YouTube. There are a variety of methods available to gather information about your visitors in order to gain a better understanding of your audience.

The creators of videos on YouTube have access to a built-in analytics tool that provides them with a plethora of information on the people who watch their videos, such as the viewers’ ages, locations, and genders.

It is possible for users to produce material that is more relevant to their audience by giving them access to this information. This helps users keep the viewers they already have while allowing them to continue releasing content that is more suitable for new viewers.

Information such as these is also included in the analytics that YouTube provides:

  • Watch Time
  • Audience Retention
  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Date or Time Frame
  • Content
  • Devices
  • Traffic sources
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Comments
  • Sharing

How to identify who dislikes your videos

As was the case with the query “how to check who liked your YouTube video,” YouTube does not make this information available to the people who create material on the platform.

You will not be able to view a user’s name or profile if they have liked or shared your video. However, you will be able to observe where the majority of likes and shares originate from from a demographic standpoint.


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