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How to Search Facebook Posts by Date, Month

Looking to find a certain post on Facebook by date. In this article, you will receive the step-by-step instruction on how to search Facebook posts by date i.e. day, month or year.
Facebook is one of the most prominent social networking sites with more than 2.6 billion active members. Recently, Facebook has done a lot of modifications, providing you the choice of a more contemporary appearing interface different from the original design.

Facebook has also been updating the tools to discover information throughout Facebook including the option to search for posts by date, or posts from a certain page or group, friend etc.

So let’s address the key question.

How can you find certain post on Facebook by date? You may search for Facebook posts by date by putting in the required keywords in Facebook search box and use the filter of Posts and Date (Year) to reveal just the specific posts for a given time period.

But it’s not as simple as it appears. There are certain aspects to consider.

Let’s look in to this in more detail-Step by Step

Before we get started with the processes, there are certain considerations that should be taken into account about the search possibilities that are accessible to you on Facebook.

The most essential thing to keep in mind about this situation is that your ability to search for a Facebook post by date will vary based on whether you visit Facebook from a desktop computer or a mobile device. It is dependent on the Facebook app that you are using if you are accessing Facebook from a mobile device.

You have access to more extensive search options when you use the Facebook Classic Interface on your desktop or the Facebook Lite App on your mobile device.
If you are using Facebook on a desktop browser, you may change to the Facebook Classic Look by clicking on the Down icon located on the right side of the home page. (This approach is no longer applicable since Facebook has lately removed, for the vast majority of users, the opportunity to convert back to the classic design.)

You will be able to limit the scope of your search to a certain year if you access Facebook using the desktop version of the website. While the more traditional Facebook Classic interface provided you with more granular choices to filter further up to the month and year, the newer Facebook Timeline does not.

On the other hand, if you access Facebook from a mobile device, the Main Facebook App again restricts the date range you may filter to one year. However, if you use the Facebook Lite app, which is not yet available on the Apple App Store, you will have the ability to filter the posts up to a specified day or a custom time range, such as between 2 dates.

The following is a brief explanation of the drill down options available in Facebook’s “Search Posts By Date” section:


  • Facebook Desktop Classic Interface (no longer supported by Facebook)- Allowed to search posts up to a month and year
  • The new Facebook Desktop interface only lets you browse through posts from the previous year.


  • The Facebook Lite app gives users the ability to search for posts inside a specific date range, meaning they may look for content between any two days.
  • Only postings from the last year are searchable using the Facebook Main App.

If you want to do a search that is very narrow in scope, such as one that is limited to a single day, the Facebook Lite app is the most effective tool to utilise. Use Facebook Desktop with the Classic Look Option instead if you want to limit your filtering to a certain month or year (again the Classic Look option may not work now)

Recent update: Now in the Facebook Main App, you have been given an option to search the Posts, which you have created, by going to the three dots below your Facebook Profile Picture, which opens up the “Profile Settings” menu, and then going to “Manage Posts.” This is part of a larger change to the Facebook platform. This provides you with the ability to filter posts on a certain date; however, it seems to filter just posts that you have produced yourself (details are covered in Note 2 below)

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date

The method is the same whether you use Facebook Desktop or the Main App; however, they only enable you to filter for the last year.

  • You may do a search across all of Facebook by selecting the search bar, conducting a search by putting relevant terms for the post in the Search Bar, and then pressing enter.
How to Search Facebook Posts by Date, Month
  • Search results appear on the next page, but you can also filter down your results by clicking on sections such as “Posts,” “Photos,” and “People.” Tap the Posts tab and you’ll be able to view solely posts in search results with a slew of choices to further narrow your search results.
  • You may now use criteria like “Recent Posts,” “Post you’ve seen,” “Date Posted,” “Posts From,” “Posted in Group,” “Tagged Location,” and “Date Posted” to focus your search results. Facebook’s mobile app presents you with these choices in a horizontal layout, but your laptop displays them vertically.
  • Select a date from the drop-down box. Select “Choose Date” to enter a custom date range, such as between two dates, using this filter. Allows you to pick certain dates or a custom time interval between two dates while using the Facebook Lite App

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date on Facebook Main App

Run a search using the search bar feature for a term, and then choose “Posts” as a filter option to narrow your results. To access the “Date Posted” option after completing Step 2, choose the filter icon in the Facebook Main App (See images below). Facebook’s main app, on the other hand, only lets you filter by year, not by date.

The “Manage Posts” section of the Facebook Main App now allows you to filter posts. Although it offers the choice of selecting “Post by Anyone” or “Post by Others,” this seems to operate just for postings that you have published. (The screenshots are shown in the gallery below)

Using the Manage Posts option to filter your own Posts on Facebook Main App [Screenshots below]

  • To access your Facebook profile settings, click the three dots to the right of your cover photo on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select “Manage Posts” from the list
  • Use the “Go To” field to choose a date range.

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