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How To Remove Quick Access On Facebook Search

Here’s how to add or delete shortcut icons from your Facebook app, in case you don’t want them cluttering up your home screen.

The Facebook app is constantly being updated, which means that all of the newly added features may quickly become overwhelming. If you’re here, it’s likely that you’re interested in finding a way to organise the shortcuts that appear on your home screen in a more efficient manner.

You are in luck since the shortcuts tab offers a variety of configuration options that may be used to streamline the navigating process. The following is information on these symbols, as well as instructions on how to create and delete shortcuts from the Facebook app.

Facebook App Shortcuts Explained

How To Remove Quick Access On Facebook Search

You’ll find these icons on the bar that serves as a shortcut inside the Facebook app. Shortcuts allow you to access several sites and functions without having to go away from the app. This bar will be shown at the top for Android users, while it will be displayed at the bottom for iPhone users. Additionally, it may be seen at the very top of the Facebook website page when viewed on desktop browsers.

Because there is no need to go through a menu in order to get to where you want to go, navigating on Facebook is made to be fast and straightforward via the shortcuts bar. The majority of the shortcuts can be deleted and re-added, and the notification dots on their icons can be toggled on and off; we’ll demonstrate how to accomplish this in a little while. To begin, let’s take a look at the shortcuts that are often located in the bar that is labelled “Shortcuts.”


The first shortcut on the left leads to the Homepage, which is symbolised by an image of a home. Your Newsfeed may be accessed via this section of the website. It is not possible to delete this quick cut.


You may open a page where you have fast access to items like saved posts, events, and some of the Facebook shortcuts that are also available via the shortcuts bar by clicking on the settings icon, which is located on the far right of the screen (it looks like a hamburger). You may adjust the app’s settings from inside this Settings page by using any one of the various menu tabs that are available. This is a necessary tab, and as such, it cannot be deleted.


The Notifications tab may be accessed by clicking on the bell symbol. You’ll find all of your notifications (those you have chosen to get) in this section, including birthday reminders, invitations to like pages, comments, likes, and shares; invites to like pages; and comments. This tab, too, cannot be deleted for some reason.


You can go to your profile and all of your posts by clicking on the symbol of your avatar in the shape of a circle, which represents the Profile shortcut. You have the option to delete it, and even if you do, you will still be able to view your profile by clicking the hamburger button on the Settings page.


The shortcut for “Friends” is a symbol depicting two individuals talking to one another. You will be able to examine all of the friend requests that have been sent to you as well as recommended people to add. In the event that you delete the tab, the Alerts tab is where you will get notifications about friend requests.


You can find new things to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace, which is symbolised by a tent icon. On Facebook Marketplace, you may use the shortcut. It comes with its own list of options, via which you may filter out certain things. Listings will by default be derived from your location, but you have the ability to adjust this.


Facebook Groups creates its own feed that is comprised of postings from all of the groups in which you participate. You will see some recommended groups here, just like the recommendations that appear on your normal feed. It is a circle symbol with three individuals inside of it, and it is removable.


Watch will recommend videos from other producers whose work you may find interesting. It’s a symbol of a play button in the shape of a rectangle, and it’s removable.

How to Remove Shortcuts by Long-Pressing

In order to delete a shortcut in the Facebook app, just tap and hold (or “long press”) an icon in the bar that contains the shortcuts. However, using this approach will only allow you to delete shortcuts; it will not allow you to create new ones.

To get rid of shortcuts by holding down for an extended period of time, follow these steps:

  • Hold down the “long press” button on the shortcut you wish to delete. Tap the Remove from shortcut bar option that appears in the pop-up menu.
  • Another confirmation window will popup to make sure that you really do wish to delete the shortcut. Choose the Remove option.
  • Confirming the changes you’ve made will trigger the appearance of a temporary dialogue box at the bottom of the page. Tap on Settings if you wish to undo the change, but be fast about it since the box will vanish in a few seconds if you do not act quickly.

How to Add or Remove Shortcuts Using Facebook Settings

Using the settings on Facebook, you not only have the ability to delete existing shortcuts, but you can also create new ones.

The following procedures need to be taken in order to add or delete shortcuts through the settings:

  • Find the hamburger symbol on the right side of the shortcut bar, and then choose Settings & Privacy > Settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • To access the shortcut bar, scroll down to the Preferences section and choose it. After clicking this link, you will be brought to a website where you may adjust the settings for your shortcut bar. If you haven’t updated your Facebook app in a while, you may have to slide down to the Shortcuts section and then pick the Shortcut bar from that menu.
  • You may add or delete shortcuts by toggling the tabs on and off for the shortcuts in question. If you turn deleted shortcuts back on, it may take some time for them to return once you do so.

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