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How To Remove PS5 Covers

The latest video game system from Sony has panels that can be removed, enabling customers to clean or even replace some components on their own without needing to take the console to a repair facility. However, you should proceed with caution. Please read the following article to learn how to safely remove the covers off your PS5 without causing any damage.

Why Take off the Side Panel?

There are a number primary reasons why you may need to remove the panel, including the following:

  • Dust. The console requires cooling in the same way that any other technological gadget in this category does. And since this is an air-based system, air flows will continuously pass through the case, which means that dust will accumulate, and it will need to be cleared at the appropriate time; the case has switchable panels. In 2021, Sony presented the PlayStation 5 in five distinct colour options across its various panels. During the course of the summer, the white-based colour scheme received the addition of the hues blue, pink, and purple. By the time the year came to a close, a full palette was accessible, which included the colours scarlet and black.
  • Curiosity. The system is still hard to come by, and a lot of critics are eager to talk about the PlayStation 5’s design characteristics with other people.

How To Remove PS5 Covers

How To Remove PS5 Covers

It goes without saying that the procedure of removal is quite straightforward; nevertheless, you must proceed with extreme caution to avoid causing any harm to the components found on the inside of the console. However, you have nothing to worry about since all of the working surfaces are hidden inside, and the owner will only be able to view the refrigerator.

Let’s begin by orienting ourselves by doing the following: putting the console so that the front of it is facing toward us (where the power button is).

Removing Right Panel

The first thing that we do is lay the console on its side with the PlayStation logo pointing down toward the ground. The next step is to locate the uppermost corner of the console, the ones that are next to one another, raise it, and slide it to the side. The lid may be removed without much effort, but some pressure is required to free the latch-clip from its holding position.

Removing Left Panel

Flip the console so that the PlayStation emblem is facing up. Position it so that the bottom is facing up (the ports should be facing you). Take hold of the edge (which is located just above the logo), pull it up a half an inch, and then snap it off. Just slide it off and you’re done.


You are able to do this if, for instance, you wish to use a custom PS5 casing instead of the one that came with the console. We moved the panel such that the matching side is now positioned at a level that is somewhat lower than where it was first set. You will get the sense that everything has been put in its proper place.

Now use one hand to hold the top of the console, and with the other hand, move it up with the palm of your hand until you hear a click. A latching mechanism has been included into the design. It is physically impossible to install the new housing for the PS5 in the wrong way; either it will not fit at all or there will be noticeable gaps.

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