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How to Prevent Getting Doxed on Discord?

The virtual world is a doxer’s preferred environment, and gamers on Discord are more exposed than ever before to assaults from doxers and other online predators. Figure out way to avoid running into them.

What is Discord?

It used to be that gamers were the only people who could use Discord, but since since 2015, it has expanded its audience to include those who aren’t part of the geek squad. Discord is a growing online chat community.

It would seem that more individuals worked, played games, and interacted online during the pandemic due to the surge that occurred throughout the outbreak. Because of this, there are now 140 million active users on the network each and every month. Doxers are on the search, and the number of their potential victims is only increasing.

The primary function of Discord is to enable users to send private messages to one another, discuss various topics with one another, and exchange various types of media and material. There is a good chance that you are already aware with Slack; Discord is a version of Slack that is less formal and more laid back.

Servers and channels are the components that make up Discord. When you initially visit Discord, it seems as if you are entering a haunted town that is completely in the dark. This feeling lasts until you either build or join servers, which function as your networking hosts. You are able to access a variety of different channels inside the many servers that make up gaming networks or study groups. Members of these channels may all contribute to comments, share material such as games or share links, music, voice conversations, and more inside these channels.

It is wonderful to have access to Discord since it enables you to enter a world of possibilities and links you with a wide variety of individuals and networks. But take care not to become entangled in the web of the network.

In this ocean of networking, there are sharks waiting in the water for their prey, and doxing is more popular than it has ever been. There are dangers that are hiding here as well. The online world is a doxer’s favourite environment, and gamers are more exposed than they have ever been to assaults from doxers and other online predators.

How to Prevent Getting Doxed on Discord?

What is Doxing?

In most cases, doxing is a kind of assault that is meant to be personal. The data that can be found on Discord is comparable to a treasure trove, and doxers like the opportunity to explore it. Someone manages to get their hands on your login credentials and then uses it to spam your feed with private or sensitive material. It’s possible that they have differing beliefs and make big assertions on behalf of the person they infiltrate. Alternatively, they may utilise this information to expose or disgrace the victim. The range of harm that may be caused is quite broad.

Swatting as a trend is much more concerning for obvious reasons. There were times when players were frustrated with one another and decided to exact their vengeance on one another by inviting armed personnel to their homes. Right around the corner is Call of Duty! The repercussions may be quite severe!

How to prevent getting doxed on discord?

By using the security protections provided by Discord, which are outlined in the next paragraphs, you may avoid being doxed.

1. Create Discord roles and rights

Roles and permissions are used to control the Discord servers. A user of Discord may have full or partial authority over a certain set of rights by assigning them to a role on the platform. It grants users of Discord administrator privileges for a variety of responsibilities, including the ability to prohibit other members from being banned or kicked off of the server and to restrict other members from establishing channels. The pinging option is also disabled when the @everything feature is enabled.

2. Click discord roles in Server Settings

When delegating permissions on Discord, use extreme caution! Members may make changes to the servers and channels if they have the appropriate rights, which can be granted in several ways. The permissions tool is an excellent method for controlling and monitoring activities. Once a modification has been made to your server, it is impossible to revert back to the previous state.

3. Change the verification level

By adjusting the verification levels, it is possible to exercise control over who on your server is permitted to submit messages. Your server will be protected against spammers, doxers, and attackers if you configure the verification levels to be as high as possible. The link to the server settings is where you’ll find the moderating tools and features.

4. The layers of verification

On Discord, new users are not subject to any limitations, and they are free to join an ongoing conversation at any time. In order to start conversing on the servers, users often need to have a confirmed email address on Discord. This is done to offer an extra degree of protection against potential threats. When you submit a link to an invitation, you could make use of this feature. This option requires users to verify their email addresses and places restrictions on them. Prior to being allowed to talk on the server, the user’s membership must have have been active for at least five minutes.

To provide consumers with an even higher level of safety;

In order for users of Discord to be able to talk with one another, it is required for them to have been a part of the group for a period of at least ten minutes, in addition to meeting the prerequisites listed above.

Because most raiders are unable to wait that long to dox an existing channel, this makes it more difficult for them to launch an assault.

You may add an additional degree of security to your server by changing the settings such that every member is required to have a verified phone number associated with their Discord account. The Discord verification procedure may be completed with this degree of security, which is the highest available.

5. Enable your wide server 2FA

You can use two-factor authentication to make sure that no one else can put their hands on your underwear.

It is necessary to establish two-factor authentication (2FA) on the accounts of administrators and moderators in order for them to be able to carry out administrative responsibilities such as deleting messages.

If all of your administrator accounts have two-factor authentication (2FA) set, then your server is safeguarded against dangerous users who could attempt to hack one of your moderator or administrator accounts and make modifications using that account. To use the Server 2FA button, you will need to switch to an account that gives you moderator or administrator privileges.

6. Switching on the explicit content filter

The Explicit Content Filter is responsible for identifying and instantly deleting any images or files that are regarded to be unsuitable. The goal of this is to provide your users with the ability to share information with one another, such as photographs and embeds, while also lowering the likelihood that inappropriate content would be seen.

7. Other precautions you can take are the use of a VPN server

Through the use of a virtual private network, both an IP address and a physical address may be concealed. When using a virtual private network (VPN), your traffic is encrypted before being routed via their servers and then into the general internet.

You have the ability to utilise this to create a false identity for yourself, making it more difficult for doxers, con artists, or hackers to steal your identity. As a direct result of this, the snoopers will be unable to discover any of your private information. Trying to locate information that is just not apparent is like to searching for a person who is not there.

8. Discrepancy is a doxers nightmare

Keeping this idea in mind, disparity is the most important factor in warding off doxers. You have the ability to make sure that any login credentials are unique and impossible to guess from any information that may be found and scraped online. It is also usual practise to take precautions to guarantee that personal information is never shared publicly over the internet. The less information you provide about yourself online, the less opportunities there are for predators to swim through your waterways.

9. Avoid The ‘Join4Join’ trend on Discord

A Join4Join is an arrangement in which one streamer promises to join the server of another streamer in exchange for the other streamers joining their own server. There is a thin line between Join 4 Join and the infiltration of spam and new doxers emerging from the depths of the waters. This may appear to be an easy, fun, and quick-fix method of introducing new people to your server and forging new relationships. However, there is a fine line between these two practises.

10. Don’t click it

A user might be misled away from their intended destination by doxers by clicking on URL links that include misleading information or statements. If you leave Discord by clicking on a link that leads you to an external site, it is possible for that site to access any personal information you may have provided while you were on Discord. To ensure that unidentified links and URLs won’t lead to malicious content, run them through a site checker like Sucuri or VirusTot beforehand.

The same principle applies when downloading any files from the internet. You really must install some kind of malware protection or antivirus software on your device. These downloading files could be able to gather information about you or monitor your private information over time.

Still terrified of the doxing sharks waiting in the shadows? Protect yourself and learn more about doxing by reading our guide to avoiding doxing on Twitter or one of the many other articles we’ve written on the topic here on our website.

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