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How To Pin Someone On Snapchat

People can be pinned on Snapchat by holding down the long-press button next to their name and selecting More >. Conversation should be pinned.
The Snapchat feature known as “pin conversation” moves any messages sent by a certain user to the top of the Chat screen within the Snapchat app.
On Snapchat, you can only have three people pinned at any given time on your profile.

This post will lead you through the procedures for how to pin people on Snapchat, as well as explain what it means when someone or anything gets pinned in Snapchat.

How Do You Pin Someone on Snapchat?

Pinning something on Snapchat is a really easy process that can be accomplished with just a few simple taps within the app itself. The following is a guide on how to pin on Snapchat.

When you’re on the Chat screen of Snapchat, perform a long press on the name of a friend.

There will be a menu that appears. Tap the More button.

Conversation about the Tap and Pin.

How To Pin Someone On Snapchat

The conversation thread you have been having with that friend will now always be shown at the top of your Snapchat Chat screen.

You will need to repeat this method for each additional user that you want to pin on Snapchat.

How to Unpin People on Snapchat

Because you can only have three friends pinned at once, sooner or later you will probably have to unpin one of your friends on Snapchat in order to create room for another buddy. On Snapchat, fortunately, unpinning other users is really simple to do.

Long press on the pinned person who you want to unpin when you are in the chat screen of Snapchat.

Select “More” from the menu that appears.

To unpin the conversation, tap the pin.

The conversation with that person will now be unpinned, added to the rest of your Snapchat messages, and arranged in chronological order. It is necessary to repeat the process in order to unpin any other people who are currently pinned.

What Does “Pin Conversation” Mean on Snapchat?

It’s possible that you’ll hear users of Snapchat referring to “pinned conversations,” “pinned individuals,” or “pinned people” on other social networking applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, and you might be curious as to what these terms represent. These words relate to conversations or persons within a user’s Snapchat app that they have pinned to the top of their screens by completing the methods indicated above in the previous paragraph.

Pinning a user on Snapchat does not in any way affect the account status of the pinned user. People who are pinned by you will not even receive a notification that this has occurred. Within the Snapchat app, you will have an easier time locating a discussion thanks to this functionality.

How to Customize the Snapchat Pin Icon

You have complete control over the appearance of the icon, emoticon, or emoji that is used to designate a pinned person or conversation, just like you do with the majority of the app’s emoji.

Launch the Snapchat app, navigate to your profile, and select the gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen to access your Settings.

To access the Manage button, scroll down.

Tap Friend Emojis.

Select the Pinned Conversation option.

To change the default pin icon, tap the emoji that you would like to use instead. If it was picked correctly, there should be a tiny grey box appearing around it.

You ought should be able to see your newly pinned symbol in action within the app at this point.


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